My Axis and Allies adventure 3/24/02

  • I decided to play with bidding today, and it went down as 21 and I’m axis. The axis were doing mighty weak, and by the start of turn 3 it looked like it was over. Russia captured sinkang and manchuria, GB had industrial tech and a huge fleet, Japan had only 3 aircraft left, 2 tanks and 6 infantry (their whole fleet was destroyed by a smaller american fleet!) and to make it even worse, germany was almost doubled in men by russia, and they were stuck in karelia. Turn 3 starts and russia DOESN’T counterattack karelia. GB only takes norway. then somehow, after seeing the certain destruction of an entire german force, and Russia over extending itself, it was japans turn. in one turn, some how, all of africa and asia was taken. I had an IPC victory of 88 without taking a capital! America couldn’t take anything, and from almost certain failure I won. If we were playing total victory, i was certain to lose (my defenses were overstretched), but i did it somehow…

    the end…?

  • I like russia restricted better! (me sniffles)

  • Yeah I like Russia restricted too. Bidding sometimes makes the game more complicating than it should.

  • i havnt tried bidding yet, but its got to make the game more interesting.

  • Sounds like you were too aggresive too early. Karelia on turn 3? Don’t think that 21 extra IPCs means you can ignore the cardinal rule, No Karelia early.

    Keep trying, you’ll like it.

  • In a lot of games I see, the Axis will win the game even without taking Kerilia.

    Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much

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  • Aye, Russia is Japan’s job. Germany has to keep the pressure up though.

  • Yeah, it sucks to be Germany. Out of all the powers, I think that Germany is stuck with the least amount of action or options near the mid-late portion of the war.

    Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much

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  • i still like russia restricted… i don’t care what you say 😄

  • I don’t know very experienced A&A players who are against RR.

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