Interesting read into the firing/replacement of WOTC president

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    These chaps seem to confirm what i have been saying of WOTC since the day they were bought by Hasbro. Also how they manipulated themselves to make failures of their fantasy game titles and total lack of consideration for Avalon hill games because they are not fantasy games.

  • So how many Japanese tanks can we expect to get now?  😛  ~ZP

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    Well hopefully this will be a good thing, change isn’t allways for the better.

  • Now if I got this right, this Greg Leeds character is a real sales man, his goal is to sell as many games as possible at as low cost as possible. Or get the most bang for the bucks as an A&A strategist would say. Now this is optimal play.

    I love A&A because of the high quality plastic and the playability. With this Greg as leader, it just might turn out A&A Anniversary ed. comes in soft plastic and not playtestet enough. Maybe they added the Italian player and the cruiser units just to make an easy profit on the hardcore fans. But I might be wrong. Unfortunatly I am at the moment not able to post at larrys place, so I cant get his opinion.

    All we can hope for, is that this Greg leader will give us an A&A Ann. ed. with high quality plastic and rules that are not broken, just because he belives in that high quality games will sell more and make better profit. The most important is the plastic and other components. The rules can always be fixed with house rules and bidding.

    IL, how about you being a nice Hun and ask Larry what effect this might have on A&A Ann. ed ?

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    Yes sir! But im afraid he’s just a puppet of sorts. The last guy i found out got fired because some of their fantasy RPG noob games dropped in sales. This will have little impact on AH because its still a company sitting on the back burner. Nobody is pushing Avalon Hill to success. All these people are all minimalists doing the least amount of work as possible. No marketing whatsoever is going on except for a few perfunctory “news releases” ,No print media advertisement , no forum support, no special online demos, nothing but crickets. Its a joke and they should all be ashamed.

    I will always stand by my view that WOTC is slowly destroying Avalon Hill by neglect. The decision making on what is being produced is not following any overall plan and its got a few titles being circulated from past fortunes made, but no new ideas and the few new ideas that come out are not based on any feedback from the consumer. Making Diplomacy is a mistake along with Acquire. These games are not bringing new people into the hobby as the people who play them already have all the different versions. Diplomacy Deluxe is still the best version ever made san the original Key games version with the larger board.

    They should embrace the titles from the heyday: Stalingrad, Afrika Corps, Anzio, Luftwaffe, France 40, rail baron, D-Day, Russian Campaign, Midway, etc… Make these games and bring back The General magazine. You can make these games with pieces, blocks, or counters. All these ideas and they decide on “Acquire”? you gotta be kidding me or what?

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