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    This is an optional rule I’ve played with several different groups over the years.  It gives the Waffen SS, Alpini, Army Rangers, SNLF, Osnaz and SAS a presence (or whatever Elite servicemen term you prefer). Though one could very well use completely different miniatures for the SF units, it kinda takes away some of the effect of sneaking some guys behind enemy lines or suddenly twisting the odds in what was a doomed defense.  Though I have painted 5 infantry from each nation slightly different from the rest - I still make them hard to spot. But I kinda prefer (after using these) keeping them only identifiable by the mark underneath.  We don’t use 'em every game, but they can add some spice on occasion.  Anyways - this is my first post here (besides polls), thought I’d contribute something…  😐

    Elite Infantry: Special Forces/commando units are represented by five infantry pieces; they cannot be represented by a chip, and have a unit limit of 5 in play for each Axis and Allie. Players may not handle opponent’s units. Under each of these units is the Axis/Allie symbol.

    • Targeted Attack: During an attack using a Special Forces unit, the attacker may assign their commandos a mission, a ‘targeted attack.’ The Special Forces unit is revealed when a successful hit is made as an infantry unit and the targeted attack is declared. The defender must take a casualty from a defending group of the attacker’s choice (units of the same strength, i.e.: all units defending with a 5). This ‘targeted attack’ can only be done 1 time by each Special Forces unit per battle. A defending Special Forces unit negates the targeted attack of an enemy Special Forces unit, but must be chosen as the causality in order to negate. When negating a targeted attack, a defending Special Forces unit may not utilize the ‘Forced causality’ ability described below.
    • Force Causality: While defending, if a Special Forces unit is chosen as causality, the defender ‘forces a causality’ from the attacking group.  The defender reveals the identity of the Special Forces unit upon being chosen as a casualty. The ‘forced causality’ must be taken from the attacking group that caused the casualty (units of the same strength, i.e.: all units that last hit with a 5) this is done immediately during the attacking player’s rolls. Once a Special Forces unit forces causality, it is removed from the battle; it does not get an additional causality defense roll.

    Each power receives 1 Special Forces unit during setup, to be placed as one of their starting infantry units in their capital region, thereafter produced as infantry.  In movement, cost, attacking and defending, Special Forces units are considered infantry. Special Forces units may only be produced in a player’s original capital region’s industrial complex.

  • Interesting.

    Thanks for the input, and welcome the AxisandAllies.org!

    Jump right in, and if you have the time, check out the play boardgames section of this forum.  You can actually play Axis and Allies online here by using Battlemap.  It may take a little bit to get used to it, but it’s alright.

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    Thanks - was wondering if anyone was going to respond to my Elite infantry rules…

    Yeah - think I’ll try out the battlemap option, I moved to a new city and - though I have found some other gamers, they aren’t into A&A as much as my old crew…

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