• Hello Axis & Allies Community!
    I have attached some house rules that I’ve developed and been using in A&A WW1 1914. I have a play through solo game up on my YouTube Channel of game play with Tjoek’s custom map, OOB rules, house rules, and use of custom miniatures. Please check out if interested. Below are PDF attachments of house rules for use of trucks, machine guns, poison gas, and hospitals/ambulances.


    I also use an added house rule for German East Africa which I cover in a video on my channel as well as use it in my current posted game. The house rule set up for A&A WW1 1914 in addition to OOB includes 1) Germany one machine gun Berlin, German East Africa one machine gun, 2 infantry, and a Cruiser in SZ 26; 2) Moscow one machine gun; 3) Vienna one machine gun; 4) U.S.A. Washington one ambulance.

    These house rules are complete, however, I am working a number of other house rules for this game. Stay tuned! I welcome any comments and feedback.

    The Plastic Commando

  • @The-Plastic-Commando
    These look really cool! I really want to try these, but I never got 1914 before it went out of print. Would they work for 1940?
    Out of curiosity, have you thought of making a barbed wire house rule?

  • @monsieurmurdoch I am not sure how these house rules would interplay with 40 since the scope of warfare was so different. Hospitals and ambulance customization could. I hope you can find a 1914 game. Keep an eye out. And, I do have some plans for barb wire, trenches, etc. Thanks for the feedback!

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