Airship house rules

  • Adding a house rule when I play next for airships. I was thinking setting it’s attack at 3 and defense at 1 with a movement of 1. any thoughts?

  • I was thinking about airships too, my idea:
    Cost: 4 (I am not sure about cost)
    Move: 1
    Attack: -
    Defense: -

    It can provide air supremacy for Arty, it can not participate in dogfight, it can not strafe land units. All airships in a territory are destroyed when there are enemy fighters in that territory after the “Determine Air Supremacy” phase is over.

  • Customizer

    Why move @ only 1?

    These things could travel great distances; certainly far enough to bomb England and land back in Germany.

    Or are you talking about these:

  • Yes, I was talking about those, I was also thinking about their role in sea battles (against Subs):

    Unlike fighters, they don´t need to end their move in a territory with friendly Inf, but they can move max 3 spaces away from a territory with friendly Inf

    If there is an Airship involved in sea battle then:
    Enemy submarines can not submerge and they can not surprise attack
    Airships roll one dice against enemy Sub, hitting it at die roll of 2.

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