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    Lone sub attacks a sz containg a dd cv and 2 figs The sub scores a hit on the opening step and the defender chooses the dd as a casualty. Do the fighters get to return fire as the dd was present at the start of the round?

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    The thing to remember about AA50 (and AA42) is that there is no Opening Fire step anymore.  If there are opposing destroyers, subs fire at the same time as everything else.  If there are no opposing destroyers, subs fire first.  In your example, there is a defending destroyer, so the attacking sub fires at the same time as the defenders.  As a result, everything fires back no matter what you take as the sub’s casualty.

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    Sorry about that…I don’t know what I was thinking when I posted. The dd would obviously cancel the sub’s special abilities.  Thanks for the clarification and reminder.

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