• The adds on the right are failing to load and seem to be effecting the site. Currently I can not down load maps and the page neve completes loading.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    No problem with Firefox atm.

    Have you tried rebooting your computer?  Maybe you got something chewing up processing power or something screwing with your browser that’s stopping you from full access?

    Remember the rule:

    If you have a PC, reboot once and solve the problem.
    If you have a MAC, reboot over and over and over again and hope the fairy comes to fix it! (I hate macs.  They’re expensive, they don’t work right, they lock up if you breathe on them wrong, they are incompatible with the world, honestly, the only thing they have going for them are aesthetics….wait, that’s the only thing TripleA has going for it too!  Oh yea, and Macs don’t run Battlemap, as if I needed any reason other than that! 😛 )

  • Actually.  I quite like the ads.  They do a good job of targeting the alleged Axis and Allies demographic.

  • Whatever it was cleared itself up.

    Jen I know all that stuff. I have been messing with computers since the early '80s.

    I don’t mind the adds at all TG Moses. As a former web site operator I understand there necessity. However sometimes it seem as if there is a troublesome one in the bunch.

    My suspicion was that is was my ISP as Charter Cable is notoriously laggy at times.

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