What is your UK naval build round 1

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    this post was inspired by the similar post in 1941, so quite simply, what on earth do you build as UK on turn 1?

    I have been building 1 Carrier, 1 Transport, and 1 Fighter to make up for the one you lose taking out the Baltic fleet.  This seems a bit weak though and I wish UK had just 1 more IPC because then i could build a Destroyer instead of the transport.

  • how about 2 carriers and the use the US fighters.

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    how about none!  2 factories to be placed in India and Egypt.

  • @randyshervandyke:

    how about none!  2 factories to be placed in India and Egypt.

    well first of all you don’t know if you even have egypt, and if japan plays they way they often do (going for the two british islands the “phillies” and kwantung), they are in a good position to hit india round 2 or 3. + you you force yourself to use minumum 9 ipc a round with uk, which means less focus on western europe.  in other words i’m secptic, but open to a good argument of course. So please elaborate on your 2 factory strategy.

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    In this senario, you are in control.  The Russians support both.  Japan and Italy MUST follow your lead.  You are in the driver’s seat.  The US is somewhat free because Japan will have to bring his ACs and battleships down to defeat India.  Can’t happen until T4 at the earliest.  Probably T5, unless Japan plans on letting China grow out of control.  By that time, USA must be ready to knock on GE’s door hard.  Keep Russian tanks in Cau for a retake if Japan gets lucky.  There are never enough Japanese inf to keep it for long.  Haven’t figured out USA completely, but this is a solid start.  Maybe not Egyptian complex T1, but as soon as possible.  Transport guys in SA to Congo to expedite reinforcements.

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