• Thinking about the British forces in Anniversary 1942 set up, which I have played three games of so far. Unlike in Revised or 1942 (First Edition), the Brits aren’t in a position to immediately lose India instantly anymore on Turn One or Turn Two. In addition, they keep some of their navy since they go before Italy.

    So here’s my thought: First turn, Britain builds an IC in South Africa and an IC in India. Neither of these territories can be taken realistically until Turn Three anyway (due to Japan’s severe lack of transports). If Italy ignores Africa, then South African tanks can join the fight around India. If Italy does fight in Africa, then it will be a pretty even match. Any extra IPCs would go to fighters/bombers in UK, even if that means saving IPCs turn to turn.

    I realize that this probably means that the US will need to focus more on Japan, but once the Japanese navy is toasted, then the Brits could use India as a base to take islands.


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    I agree with your analysis as far as it goes – but if Britain is spending most of its income in the southern hemisphere fighting Italy and Japan, and America is spending most of its income chasing down the Japanese navy…who’s containing Germany? Seems to me that Germany could steamroll the Russian army and walk into Moscow around turn 4 or 5 if you follow this plan. I think either the UK needs to build and supply an Atlantic fleet for heavy landings in France/Norway/Leningrad, or the US needs to build and supply an Atlantic fleet for heavy landings in France/Italy.

    Otherwise you wind up in a situation where the Allies hold the Americas, the UK, Africa, India, the Middle East, and maybe Borneo – but the Axis hold France, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, China, and Japan, which are worth a lot more money.

  • That’s my concern too, but if the USA distracts Japan, then Britain should be able to send tanks to the Caucuses reasonably quickly.

    The way I play Germany, the Germans tend to have a large airforce to destroy any Allied navy in the Atlantic. If the Germans do squander their air force and don’t keep it up, then Britain would be able to use its IPCs to build a fleet to land in Norway or something.

    The other thing is that this denies Germany/Italy the African IPCs, so it does help contain the Germans.

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