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    Say Japan attacks Hawaii w/a amphipbious assault. And the US has naval units defending the territory. After the naval battle, the US has 2 figthers(which were on a AC) left only. But, Japan takes so many naval losses that they abort the naval battle but still have 2 transports w/3 Inf and 1 tank aboard.

    My questions are, since Japan aborted the naval battle but there are still 2 US fighters left in the sea zone, does this prevent the Japanese player from continuing the amphibious assault? Or, since there are only 2 US fighters left in the sea zone and no US naval units, can the Japanese player continue with his naval assault.

    2nd question, if the Japanese player is allowed to continue with the amphibious assault, are the US fighters allowed to land in Hawaii before the amphibious assault starts? Or, do they land somewhere in the non com phase? If in the non com phase, how many spaces can they go or where can the land?


  • The naval battle must be complete (and won) before the amphibious assault begins. If the Japanese choose to not complete the battle by clearing the fighters, then they must withdraw any remaining ships to include the transports. There can be no amphib. assault.  Any remaining Allied fighters can then land on a friendly territory adjoining the sea zone.

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