Rules question, amphibious assaults through subs

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    Ok, so I was playing a game where America owned the East Indies with 2 infantry, and in the surrounding sea zone had 1 transport, 1 submarine, 1 carrier, and 2 fighters.
    Japan attacked that seazone with 6 fighters, and also brought a transport with 1 inf and 1 tank, to land them on the East Indies.

    The Japanese Fighters won the combat, killing off his Carrier and his 2 fighters and his transport, with 3 japanese fighters left, Plus the surviving USA submarine.

    Does his submarine get to take shots at my transport DURING the combat with the Carriers and Fighters?
    After his Surface Warships and fighters are killed, MAY I ignore his submarine and land troops on the East Indies? (the rules say i can land troops if only subs are left)
    If he does get to use his Submarine to shoot at my transport during AND after combat, or his carriers or fighters survive, may I retreat my transport?

  • I do not think Fighters won the combat.

    They are unable to hit submarine. Submarine are unable to hit fighters but may hit the transport. So the Japanese have to retreat otherwise the sub will kill the TRN and at that point the combat end because there are only fighters and sub that can not hit each other.

    During combat SUB shot only at the transport, they can not hit the fighters.

    When a fleet in engaged all of the combat units have to be considered, you can not interrupt the combat saying that you are starting to ignore the subs.

    Sub may shot at your transport only during combat (after combat no one shoot), transport may retreat, togheter with alla other attacking forces if they are still alive. If a defending sub hit, in this scenario then the hit ha d to be assigned t the attacking transport.

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    Romulus is correct.  The key concept is that subs can be ignored during movement.  From the FAQ:

    Q.  Let’s say I attack a sea zone that contains both enemy subs and surface warships.  If at some point during the battle, all of the enemy surface warships are sunk and only subs remain, can I ignore the subs and end the battle?
    A.  No.  Subs (and/or transports) can only be ignored during movement, and you can only ignore them when there are no surface warships in the sea zone with them.  When you attack a sea zone, you attack all of the enemy units in that sea zone.

    So if there are only enemy subs and/or transports blocking your amphibious assault, you can choose to ignore them and they won’t block it.  However, if you choose to attack them (or if there are also surface warships there and you are forced to attack them), you must defeat all of the defending units before your amphibious assault can proceed.

    In a nutshell, subs will only fail to block your assault if you never attack them in the first place or if they submerged after you attack them.  Once you attack them, they will block it until they are destroyed or they submerge.

    The wording of step 3 in the amphibious assault sequence implies that you can end the sea battle if only defending subs remain.  This is of course incorrect, as subs can only be ignored during movement.  There is a pending erratum to change this wording of to “If there was no sea battle or the sea zone has been cleared of all defending enemy units except transports and submerged submarines, …”.  I don’t yet know when this will be published.

  • Very interesting piece of information… naval rules can indeed get quite complex.

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    Yes… the Submarine gets to shoot at my transport during combat (and i should not have brought the transport along)
    No… I may not land my troops after the surface warships are cleared, simply because there was a battle in the first place and the sub is still there
    Yes… I may retreat my dumb transport and fighters

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