• The Grand Axis Strategy
    Turn 1

    1. Buy 1 bomber and 5 infantry
    2. Move all African Forces South 1 territory
    3. Buy 3 transports
    4. Take E. China with all available fighters and Infantry except one infantry in Manchuria and one in Burma
    5. Attack Pearl Harbour with Japan Battleship, Japan Fighter, Carrier Fighter, Bomber and Submarine. Kill Sub and Battleship
    6. Load 3 Infantry on to 2 Transports and Move them to Solomon Island, Move Battleship and Carrier to Solomon Islands
    7. Land Fighters in Kwanatung and Carrier, Land Bomber at Solomon Islands
      Turn 2
    8. Buy all Infantry
    9. Take E. Europe?
    10. Do what you can with Air Force(preferable attack a fleet) but Land them in W. Africa
    11. Buy 1 Transport and Infantry (Save three IPC)
    12. Attack Manchuria or Soviet Far East w/ bomber from Solomon Islands
    13. Claim Argentina
    14. Land Fighters in Manchuria
      Turn 3
    15. Buy all Infantry
    16. Attack Any Fleet (American preferably)
    17. Buy 1 Transport and Infantry or Factory in Manchuria(If no British/American factory was built) and Infantry
    18. Attack Yakut (and possibly Soviet Far East)
    19. Attack Either South Africa or Brazil or Both
    20. Land Fighters in Manchuria
      Turn 4
    21. Build a Fleet and Infantry (3 Aircraft carriers with fighters)
    22. Buy 1 Factory and Infantry or 3 Tanks and Infantry (South Africa preferably or Brazil
      Rest of the Game
    23. Hold on to E. Europe, France, Italy and Germany with Infantry until Japan threatens the Russian capital
    24. Have 3 Aircraft Carriers w/6 fighters in British waters
    25. If no Sinkiang/India factory take over Sinkiang on turn 5 and India on Turn 6. If one factory was built take over other territory on turn 6 and factory on turn 8. If two factories were built take over Sinkiang on Turn 7 and India on Turn 8.
    26. Have Brazil/South Africa Factory build submarines and move them to north sea or US coast. When there is no need for submarines begin to build tanks and advance to mexico.

  • That’s insane. I’m gonna try it.

  • what about russia?

  • I don’t think Japan is being aggressive enough on the mainland. I also have doubts about Germany building a fleet of 3 Aircraft carriers. ACs are for defense and air mobility. Does Germany really need either of those abilities to maximize its performance for this strategy?

  • I’m a bit dubious of Germany’s first turn build and I don’t think Germany should be trying to retake Eastern Europe on G2; they should be firmly planted in EE by then. That’s all I have to say.

  • The idea of the first turn build of both Germany and Japan is to force the US player to stay away from the Alantic Ocean. Japans move force the US player to build defence on the western shores. Plus the US player can’t build any transports in the alantic with out dfence because of the bombers. Since the US player does have enought money to do both he/she will be force to build all infantry on the western shores.

    As for the 3 Aircarft Carriers on Germany Shores. They are combined with the fleet of submarines coming from the brazil/south africa factory. After the carriers are built Germany doesn’t need to spend anymore money because any hits are taken by the Japanese Subs

    I agree it is not as aggresive on Russia as some other startegies are. This strategy is design to keep the US off of Germanys back. It doesn’t work well against novice US players. I have used it in my play group and it is very successful.

  • @Anonymous:

    As for the 3 Aircarft Carriers on Germany Shores

    Still to build three of them in one round, with (i am generous) one fighter each… is 90 bucks.
    If i had that amount of cash spare as a german with “all Infs” build-ups before that… then Moscow would surely cease to exist as a capitol.

  • 2 Germ Bombers are in WE

    How is this possible after G1? There is no IC in WEur.

  • The Luftwaffe has a shiny new plane, with no targets

    Well, stategic bombing is always an option, either England or preferably Russia. Nevertheless, it is true that

    Meanwhile thats less Inf for Russia to worry about.

    which would be my big concern as Germany.

    If I were England though, I would build the Navy anyway and let Germany try to sink it with the bomber. It doesn’t attack that much stronger than a fighter (only one higher dice number, but I can’t remember whether it is a 4 or 5 right now).

  • does the strat include invading russia or does it leave there?

  • Either way the bombers keep any US/UK infantry away from Europe. Also If the US sent any transports to Brazil shores. The entire germany airforce in West Africa would sink them. And even if the US does that the Japan fleet can land in South Africa and build subs there.

    As for Russia by about turn 6-8 Japan should have a factory in India/Sin kiang/ Manchuria. Making Japan’s purchases 2 or 3 Subs plus 2 or 3 tanks. The tanks will put pressure on Russia. Also it is expected that eventually the brazil/south africa factory will fall. either by taking moving troops south from Mexico or by a long Naval War in the Alantic.

  • Its beatable. I’ll explain how after school.

  • One more thing. The Germany Fleet will be built in the Pacific over a period of many turns anywhere from 3-6.

  • the german fleat ? german? in the pacific?

  • whos this don guy? :-?

  • Guy who wrote some very nice essays, links on top.

    SUD says a lot of what I was going to say, but let me give my points.

    Don basically assumes UK is going to go heavy into India with an IC and her African forces. However, any reasonably smart UK player would see the move coming in G1 and abandon the idea for a Uk1 Indian IC. Instead, you’d go for the AC, with American fighters landing on it.

    Now, this leaves Germany in a weird position, and gives an advantage to the Russians. As SUD said, this leaves EE weak, and the Russians will try to take it. If they take it, theres a good chance Germany will never get it back.

    This strategy is ment as a last resort. If you know your opponent is better than you, and there is either a low bid/no bid/no RR situation, do this. This is not ment to be a regular strategy to be used in every game.

  • i was just wondering bc i looked and it said dons strat and i looked bc i thought someone had plagerized my strat and sure enough i have no idea who this guy is but my plan is still safe 😉

  • I also thought it was you, don_riggins.

  • nope, although im a firm believer in a strong blitz first turn thats not how i go about doing things

  • That is my fault the Germany fleet is built in the Mediterran.

    I have recently used this strategy without Russia Restricted and it doesn’t work. Does any body know how I can change it so that it will.

  • why play w/ rr? its hard enough for the axis to win w/o tipping the ball back against em again

  • @Anonymous:

    That is my fault the Germany fleet is built in the Mediterran.

    I have recently used this strategy without Russia Restricted and it doesn’t work. Does any body know how I can change it so that it will.

    delay your Japan moves by a turn. I.E. J1 purchase your trn and inf, start the japanese push, and then for J2, play it as you might have played J1.
    not tried, just seemed logical.

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