• OK… brain is currently working in strange ways… so this may be total BS…

    OK, in Classic A&A, Germany and Russia end up staring at each other over increasingly huge stacks of forces in Eastern and Karelia until UK and/or US come knocking on Germany’s door via Western Europe, right?  And the reason is that nether Russia no Germany, in the 3 rounds or so they have, can make a break-out against the other’s stack.

    So why not bypass the stack?

    R1:  Russia strafes Ukraine and stacks Karelia
    G1:  Build INF, consolidate forces as normal into Eastern, kills UK fleet
    R2:  Russia builds more INF in Karelia
    G2:  Germany advances INF to Eastern
    R3:  Russia builds still MORE INF
    G3:  Russia moves into Ukraine with their Eastern mass of forces.  10 divisions move into Eastern from Germany
    R4:  Russia takes Eastern
    G4:  Germany can either push into Caucuses or take Karelia.  In R5, Russia is facing 20 total divisions… the  built in G2 and the 10 from G3.  Germany SHOULD hold against that (the question is of course the UK and US force distribution)
    Then Germany falls on Russia in G5 with about 16 INF and 8 ARM divisions if my math is right (and not sure about that… several Newcastles have already been drunk).

    Of course Russia can counter-attack the Ukraine or Caucuses… but then Germany uses AF and INF to take a depleted Karelia…

    Someone tell me where my alcohol fogged brain has screwed up…

  • lots of option:

    1. russia strafes eastern with everything to get maximum exchange value out of the strafe.


    1. russia attacks ukr with everything opting to take it if they get to destroy a stack of german armour (maybe 8-10 armour would make it worth it), or if it looks as if they can take with enough units to hold against a counter from eeu.

    or, more optimally,

    1. uk amhibs eeu guaranteeing that option #2 can happen

  • @ncscswitch:

    R4:  Russia takes Eastern


    Kar is a key defensive stand for Rus.  
    UK / US should already have dropped some troops in F/N by now and they are ready to march into Kar for defense.
    Ger split stack is now vulnerable.  Ukr stack has no air defense.
    Strafe Ukr.  Keep stacking Kar.
    If the reduced Ger stack in Ukr decides to keep marching to Cauc, then UK / US forces should be sufficient enough to wipe them out.

  • Moderator

    Yeah, as soon as G moves to Ukr. Russia can strafe the heck out of it and not have to worry about Germany ftr defense.

    The move in general sounds like what is described by some as a “lurch”, where Germany does move out from EE to Ukr to pressure Kar or increase its lurch to Cauc.

    In order for successful lurch you’ll need Japanese ftr help, and a healthy dose of Afr territories for the first 3 rds for Germany, so you can increase you’re infantry count in Europe.

    You’ll see this move with a PAfr bid and Germany makes the move to Ukr around rd 4.

  • So I am not totally off my rocker 🙂

  • Moderator


    So I am not totally off my rocker 🙂

    Nope.  Not yet.   😄

    But you have to time it right and will most definitely need Japanese help.

    Otherwise, as the others pointed out your troops in EE or Ukr will get toasted by the Russians or some sort of 1-2 punch (or a 1-2-3 punch).  And the other allies can fill in to defend Kar.

    I would hit the German territory that has her armor on it.  Once those are gone, Germany is all but removed from the game as an offensive threat.

  • This strat is roughly what I tried against DM recently in our PE-test game, except I was using my PE bid to start in UKR and immediately lurch to CAU, putting pressure on both LEN and MOS. Consistent with DM’s previous post, he took out my armor, costing the German offensive, and the other source of my downfall was his aggressive actions against Japan which cost me the initiative on the east as well.

    As mentioned by others, this can work, and probably will if Germany is already doing well in the midgame, and Japan can provide fighter support. This is a good way to push for the pressure on Russia, particularly with the fighter cover. However, my tactic tried it too soon (maybe it could work similarly with a different bid and different choices on my part), and the way you posted it is also open to a strafe by Russia.

  • Let us not to complicate things merely for the sake of impressing the opponent–impression wins only when the truth of a situation is hidden mired within the sleight of hand.
    This is not f’in battleship.
    ana provides all players with excellent intelligence on their opposition
    1. russia builds people well
    2. germany builds tanks ok
    3. germany needs to conquer north africa to close the suez and take india
    4. russia better build a whole lot of people
    5. russia is and always has been better at defending than attacking(ask france or afghanistan or germany)
    6. germany is economically superior and strategically better concentrated to handle attack
    7. russia should concentrate itself into caucasus and russia and beg for allied help

  • well i dont know about some break out stradegy but if u are the allies and of course u have russia if u wont them to win they need some more ipc’s and the best way to do that is to just give them allie territory like have the us pull out of there two asia spots by attaking japan and have the english attack japan from india with what little stuff tthey have that gives the russians 7 more to spend each turn then 2 more u mostlikely get from there first move atatck to make a front other wise ur going to be hammering it away with germany for a long time in till either side gets a little ahead then ur screwd ive found thjis plan to work several times and ur thinking then russia has to deal with japan no just have the us put alot of heat on them and have britan take germany out of africa and then there pertected there

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