• “The Chinese ARmy … does not receive IPCs for income or use IPCs to generate new units. Intesad, China gets one new infantry unit per turn for every two Chinese territories that are not under Axis control during the Purchase Units phase of the US Player’s turn”

    I understand how this works from Round 2+
    But how does it works at China’s first turn?
    I mean: Every other nation starts with an amount of IPC… China, on the other hand, doesn’t has any IPC
    China starts with 7 territories under her control (it should have 3 infantries)
    But if after Japan’s first turn China loses (say) 3 territories… then at USA’s purchase phase China has just 4 territories: meaning 2 infantries.

    Should China receive 3 Infantries at her first round no mater what? or should receive as many infantries as half of her territories after Japan’s attack?

    Additionally: what happens if China ends up with an odd number of territories (say: 5)?

  • round down  5 terr. = only 2 INF

  • Official Q&A

    China’s first turn is treated in the same way as any other turn.  It gets the number of infantry indicated by the number of territories it owns at the beginning of its turn.

    Jeffdestroyer is correct.  One infantry for every two territories means that odd territories don’t count.

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