OK, I've played AA50 and I have played with ___ players!

  • OK, you can vote up to 3 times and if you will:

    indicate how the length of the game correlates with the # of players,

    how enjoyable that game played considering downtime, length of game etc etc

    and if you ran out of any pieces especially  Italian cruisers  :-D

  • 4 players. Takes a eternity. Run out of Japanese control markers  :-P

  • I played two games, one with five players, one with six players.  Both games took a long time (6.5 hours and 9.5 hours) and both games ended with my side having 12 victory cities and thus in a draw according to OOB rules.  We didn’t run out of any pieces, though game going on next to me ran out of Japanese markers!  The game was fun both times, though too slow and long for my taste, and I would have liked the game to have ended in something other than a draw.

  • I’ve played probably six or so full games. 42 once the rest were 41 W/NO and tech. Every time with three players. Idealy we would have a fourth. Anyone near Seattle?

  • played one with 3 (just testing the waters, so to speak), and the rest with 6. the USA ran out of BB’s once, and Germany ran out of control markers in a different game haha

  • 3 Players total, but we’re building up to 4.  Hopefully we’ll hit the magic number 5.

  • We play with four,
    hoping to add another.  We also speed up the game by going all Axis then all Allies.  We are going to add timers, to keep the game moving, we include a 6.5 hour time limit on our games, with pizza and beer, or in my case a shot of whiskey can not be with held.

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