• One of my favorite PC games back in the day was Panzer General and after playing it a little I found myself wanting to get some human interaction and play a live game against real people.  So…

    There was a sale on the 1939-1945 miniatures at the lgs last week, buy a starter get a free booster, and since I’ve had this game in the back of my mind for awhile I jumped on it.  My booster had a Canadian Sherman Pounder, and a Panzer III, a panzerfaust and some other german guys.  Me and my brother played the first game dividing the forces equal into their respective sides.  My brother took the allies but couldn’t budget in the Russian tank that came in the starter set. Though he had two sherman’s and the cromwell.  He totally destroyed me with his far superior tanks.  My Panzer’s couldn’t touch him.  I played the same game on the same map the next day with my buddy and lasted longer since I focused on cover and put infantry between his tanks and mine.  I got him down to his two Shermans but couldn’t scratch them.

    I don’t understand why don’t include a decent German tank in the starter kit.  I don’t want to go buy a bunch of boosters its just too expensive and cheap units seem to be easy to get on ebay, where as decent tanks aren’t cheap.

    I bought a big bag of crappy figures on ebay, for the next battle, lots of anti tank guns, we’ll see how that goes.

    For the most part I liked the game, fast paced and simple which is perfect for me.  So much better then my forays into Warhammer.  It also seems like it could be very expandable with more complex rules.  I read the overwatch rule online and I would like to try it next game.

    Of course I know they would never do it but they really should do Axis booster packs, and Allied Booster packs.

    I had a hard time wraping my head around line of site through other units.  I think it would be hard to shoot through a group of advancing rifleman to hit a unit behind them unless it was a mortor unit.  It also seems like ranges are a bit too long but I’m basing that on Panzer General which is really the only other WW2 wargame I’ve played.

    My brother and buddy both want to play again so they must have liked it.  It looks like for a pretty small investment I can have alot of fun, I’ve just got to get some better German armor.

  • First off, welcome!

    Secondly, if you want individual pieces, check this site out. I’ve bought a lot of things from these guys and always been happy with the service, shipping, and products –> http://miniaturemarket.com/axis___allies

    Lastly, here’s some general pieces I recommend you try and pick up (I won’t list the lower-end, filler stuff):

    -Guards T-34/85 (SU, Set II)
    -Fanatical Sniper (SU, Set II)
    -Matilda II (UK, North Africa)
    -Spitfire Ace (UK, North Africa)
    -Valentine I (UK, 1939-1945)
    -M1 81mm Mortar (US, D-Day)
    -“Screaming Eagle” Paratroopers (US, Set II)
    -“Screaming Eagle” Captain (US, Set II)
    -Resourceful Hero (US, D-Day)
    -M24 Chaffee (US, Set II)

    -King Tiger (GE, Set II & 1939-1945)
    -Grizzled Veteran (GE, D-Day)
    -88mm Flak 36 (GE, D-Day & North Africa)
    -Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbär” (GE, Set II & 1939-1945)
    -Messerschmitt Ace (GE, North Africa)
    -Panther Ausf. D (GE, Reserves)
    -Sd Kfz 234/2 “Puma” (GE, Contested Skies)
    -SS-Haupsturmführer (GE, Base Set & 1939-1945)
    -Panzer IV Ausf. H Commander (GE, North Africa)
    -Veteran Fallschirmjager (GE, North Africa)

    If you have any questions or anything just ask! Also note that a lot of the cards have been revised since their original printing (found here: http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=1089055). Of all the units I mentioned above, if I could only choose 5 to recommend, I’d advise the Puma (it just got recosted down to 17 points and rules), the King Tiger (because it’s now 62 points and pretty unstoppable), the M24 Chaffee (as it’s my favorite Allied tank for the amount of ass I’ve seen it kick), and the combination of the “Screaming Eagle” Captain and the M1 81mm Mortar (because the mortar can fire blindly at anything within 4 hexes of line-of-sight that the Captain has… and as he’s a paratrooper, that’s pretty deadly).

  • Thank you very much that is exactly the kind of info I was looking for.  Just how much of a difference do the revised cards make, and did they revisions apply to the newer sets?

  • Every set has been revised, not every card was. The ones with the little badges in the bottom right corner have been altered in some way. Some of the cards make a HUGE difference (slashed point costs, new abilities, etc…) while others are just a year change. All in all, they were done to balance the game and make it play better, so it’s a good call to use 'em!

  • I still have Panzer General for the PlayStation.  It works on my PS2, so I can still play it 🙂  Awesome game!

    I hope you will join us for some online play here.


  • Online play?  Sound pretty good I’ll check it out.

    I finally won a game, I had some German anti-tank guns and my brother took 2 shermans and a cromwell, which left him with almost no points to spend on anything else.  He wasted no time on manoeuver and drove his tank fleet right into the villiage that was the objective.  His opening shots destroyed both my anti tank guns, but on my assualt the guns did their jobs and destoryed two of his tanks, and my two panzer IIIs attacked his other tank and damaged it.  The rest of the game was just clean up.

  • You should be able to pick up some Panzer IV’s cheap enough, and they can counter any Allied armour.  Though your PAK 40s rock armour too!

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