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    I just bought a case of the 2 player starter packs.  Does anyone know if that has 1 or 2 rares?  I figgured 1 but two would be nice…

  • Which starter is it? The first one is only one rare and the rest are fixed units!… the secound has like two boosters combined (a base set and a base set 2, so u get 2 rares).

  • '19 Moderator

    It’s the 18 cnt set.  I believe the first starter set came with 12, 1 rare.  But I wasn’t sure if the 18 cnt starter pack aka “2 player starter set”, had more than 1 rare.  Hopefully it does, but if not I still got a good price, $52 for a case of 6.

  • Well if its the 1st base set starter I believe u get 1 random rare and the rest are fixed units such as Panzer IV and Sherman… extra, but u get all those important maps!

  • A case of starters? Ok…

    The original starter is comparable to two boosters - you get one less rare but IIRC you get a higher number of uncommons, though everything but the rare is fixed. In the new starters… well they’re literally just two boosters.

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