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    I entered a contest with HHR Battle fronts back in August of 2006.  Contest rules were to make a stat card for a new unit.  I came up with stats for the M-10 Wolverine and I came in thrid place.  Here are my stats.  I did some pretty good research and my stats are similar to AH but I think better than AH.

    vehicle tank destroyer
    Speed 3                                        Inf attack 6/6/4
    Defense 4/3                                  Tnk attack 14/12/10
    1942  Pnts 27

    Here are my thoughts about the special abilities and stats:
    This tank was slower than the M36, thus the speed of 3 and not 4.  It didn’t fit the mold of the US tank destroyers which were fast and hard hitting.  Thus I also don’t agree with the adding the Flanking attack special ability.

    My cost was higher but I considered 27 pnts back then before they recosted alot of the units.  Now I think they made this one two low.  I’d rather have two M-10’s at 38 pnts instead of one M-36 at 36 pnts.

    I’m assuming that they made the infantry attack 6/6/5 (the M-36 and M-18 are 6/6/4) because of the large .50 cal machine gun on the back of the turret.  However, this machine gun was used and used well for anti-air defense.  It was rarely used for infantry attack.  Thus I kept the 6/6/4 and added the special ability of ignoring the -1 penalty on aircraft attack.

    Also no negative special ability about the open turret in the top which helped put this unit out of biz by the end of the war.  Basically this unit was bad in urban and forest combat… an enemy soldier could just throw a grenade in the turret.  My special ability (Open turret) allowed for enemy soldiers to use thier infrantry attack against this unit while in the SAME hex.  If you check the write up on the AH link above, even AH discussed this topic.  Looking back on this SA I think I’ve would have added that enemy soldiers could use thier infantry attack only if they are in the same hex AND it’s a forest or city hex.

  • Thats pretty cool eh!

  • '19 Moderator

    You put some good thought into that.  I like your idea abou the open top especialy in city and forest hexes.  It looks like they just simplified it.  I also agree that it seems a bit cheep.  Next time I face gamer I’ll put about 4 of those in my build :roll:

  • 4 X 19pnt = 76pnts.  It’s a bit much anti tank and no infantry attack.  Maybe

    2 M10
    1 Sherman
    59 pnts + infantry.

  • '19 Moderator

    It was kind of a joke, in the game we are playing currently his build was:

    5 Elite Pzr IV D
    1 SS Hauptsturm
    1 K98

  • So who won?

  • '19 Moderator

    Just finnished turn two and it’s not looking good for the allies :|

  • That was a crazy fluke shot VS your E8.

    You got a bad map I think.  If you had the option of getting some range you’d have been OK.  You could kill at Long but they should not have been able to do the same from the same distance.

  • '19 Moderator

    I agree, when I saw his build I thought I might be ok as long as I didn’t get the Urban map.  and then that crazy first shot he made!  Usualy several shots bounce off the E8 before it’s dammaged.  I was only able to take two Pzr IVs with me. :-(

    Now it’s down to a couple M1 Garands and a sniper…

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