• Make however many objectives you want on a map, they have nothing to do with winning. It’s a straight deathmatch. However, their purpose serves as a point generator for reinforcements. 5 points are awarded for each objective you control uncontested at the end of the turn. The points will go into an imaginary bank, and can be spent at the start of any of your movement phases. You can save them up as long as you want, however, if at the end of any turn if you do not have any uncontested objective spaces, you lose every point that has been saved. The reinforcement units MUST be placed on an edge hex in your starting area.

    Another variation I came up with today involves support units. Place the HQ, Ammo Dump, and Fuel Depots in random (or logical) hexes across the map, and they are considered neutral. To claim it, you must move a unit into the hex. You may move the unit away and still control it, however, if left unguarded, the enemy may just move a unit into the hex and intantly claim it. The neutral support pieces may NEVER be attacked. If you leave a unit in the hex to protect it, and the unit is attacked, roll a die, and if a 6 comes up, destroy the support unit and all soldiers in the hex.

    What do you guys think about those?

  • Great!

  • I thought of third one that is basically just a combination of those:

    Spread out the support pieces, and have each one earn different points on top of their ability.

    HQ = Aircraft points
    Ammo Dump = Soldier points
    Fuel Depot = Vehicle points

    It adds more strategy as to what you want to hold. I’d say 2 ammo dumps, 1 HQ, and 1 fuel depot would probably make it the most fun.

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