Another noob question.. infantry vs. armor…

  • Have been playing for about a week or so.  Working up to full scale battles and scenarios.  So far it is pretty apparent that meat cant beat steel.  So…

    When building armies, are there any rules or suggestions about how many points worth of meat vs how many points of armor are allowed?  (and points for support - like antitank guns, etc.)

    In general, how are battles run that successfully incorporate both?  So far, I have ended up with tanks wiping each other out, and then the remaining armor running around wiping out all the meat.  (With speed of 1, meat cant get into the same hex for close assault attacks, except on reare occasions…)  Without close assault, most meat dont even have enough attack dice to match the armor’s defense, let alone roll them all as successes…

    Strategy tips?  (Looking for playability - would like to have soldiers that have a meaningful role…)


  • First off, welcome to the game.

    Secondly, you should join us for some AA Minis Play-By-Forum!


    You win the game by taking the objective, and there is no better force than soldiers for doing that.

    Think of it this way.  A Sherman is 21 points.  You can get 7 Mausers for that cost.  In a straight match up, the Mausers will complete the mission (hold the objective on turn 7) more easily than the Sherman!  It just doesn’t have enough time to (aka assaults) to take out all of the Infantry.

    Now imagine you played a few tanks and anti-tank guns.  How much extra time you have to get your infantry to the objective while the armour slugs it out.  Ideally you’ve got more Infantry on the objective at 7 than your opponent.  If he doesn’t have any Infantry to contest the objective then that expensuve armour has to come right next to your infantry.  Then that speed 1 works just fine!  :evil:

  • Welcome Tekboi to our AAM forum.  :-)

    In regards to what you posted, picture this situation…
    Tanks aint’ that tough.  Imagine having a King Tiger only against 2 SE Paras (even worse if they’re next to the SE Capt.).  At round 7 your King Tiger would have to stay exactly adjacent or inside the objective.  Nowhere to run because you would lose for not being near objective.  Now short range you would need 6 of 7 to kill an SE Para, 5 of 7 won’t help because they will only shrug off their disruption next turn with special ability “hard charger”.  These maniacal SE Para’s would pounce all over King Tiger and Close assault at 9 dice (10 dice if SE Capt. is present) against a rear DEF. of 6.  Let’s say 1 SE Para disrupt’s King Tiger now rear Def. drops to 5.  You can figure out what happens next to King Tiger.  I’ll take my chances with the “meat” in this situation anyday.

    You were looking for soldiers with a meaningful role, well here are a few.  These guys are HARDCORE.

    29 points of “meat” taking out a 62 point unit… OUCH  :evil:

  • :-D  OK - This is exactly what I was looking for.  No only tactical suggestions, but with “Flavor”  I need to get my head around the actual battlefield ideas, and not the dice and point values.

    Looking forward to my next few skirmishes, meat and all!

    I think perhaps it hasn’t been apparent to me, because I haven’t actually played with an objective yet - I have been skirmishing with higher and higher army point values (until I hit 100 points), and adding in line of sight, cover rolls, etc.  after each learning stage.  I have one more skirmish to play where I add in aircraft, and then I will add my objective.

    Maybe I’m overcautious, but with this method (so far) my seven year old is keeping up with me.  He now knows all of the rules, and probably wont be frustrated once we start “playing to win”…

  • '19 Moderator

    Good Idea, working up to the full scale.  And your right if you don’t have an objective of turn limit Infantry are a waste of time.  With an objective Close assault becomes possible.

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