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Support unit question

  • I noticed support units are soldiers.  Does that mean they can go into the bunkers?

  • @axisfan:

    I noticed support units are soldiers.  Does that mean they can go into the bunkers?Â

    Yes they can, as long as they start in the same hex

    However it’s not necessarily going to do a lot for an Ammo or Fuel depot which have a 33% chance of going up in flames regardless. You’re not likely to want to put your depot too close to the front either, so it’s not that useful for your own units. However enemy units, eg PTs and Partisans, might then make use of it. Of course there is still a decent enough chance you will survive the flammable roll, and then the 3+ cover is nice. I’m not entirely sure it’s worth it, but you can do it.

  • I’m starting to think I should get my own Q&A section 😉

  • Your the subject matter expert, and not to blow sunshine anywhere but I trust you comments.  Thanks for all the info!!

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