• I love to play AAR and my friends and i use the optional rules to make it more realistic. I would like to hear some other KGF strats. I normaly play the game out like history if im on the allies. Close in on them take it with a massive force while im slowly moving up the japanese south in an island hoping campainge. Please post your strategys.

  • Superfortress Strategic Bombing Heavy Bomber Tech victory.  Pretty damn stupid, but oh well.  This is for Out of the Box/FAQ rules, with optional rules.

    US1:  Roll 1 tech dice for Heavy Bombers, build 2 bombers, save 7 IPC, fly 1 bomber to London, collect 42 IPC (total 49 IPC)

    US2:  Build 3 bombers, save 4 IPC, fly 2 bombers to London, collect 40 IPC (will be down China, have 44 IPC); 3 bombers at London.

    US3:  Roll 8 dice for heavy bombers if you don’t have it already.  3 bombers at London bomb for around 20 IPC.  Fly 3 more bombers to London for 6 bombers at London.

    US4+:  Roll more dice for heavy bombers if you don’t have it already.  You’re taking around 36 IPC from Germany per turn at this point.

    Or you could do KJF version with Colonial Garrison allowing UK to produce 3 units at India on UK1; there are plenty of Allied advantages that come in handy with this.

  • I always have the cg in India, put about 3 inf every turn just to hold off the Japanese from back dooring and gettin an VC

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