• The rules say that countries can not place their troops at an allies industrial complex unless that country has lost its capital.  For example on Germany’s turn it takes Moscow but leaves Caucasus in the hands of the Russians, can Britian then place troops at the industrial complex in Caucasus on the next turn?  And if not then what exactly does this rule mean?  Thanks for any help.

  • i think not (it is still “russian”), but if the uk took it from germany then on subsequent turns they could place up to 4 unit there until moscow was liberated, at that point it would revert to russian control.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I don’t think that’s even right.  Since hte UK is just “liberating” the territory from the Germans, it is now technically the Russians.  Even though they can’t build anything if their capital is taken, the territory is still theirs.

  • Wow,

    I’m glad someone asks this question.
    I knew I read it somewhere, but didn’t know exactly where I read it…
    I even wondered if I read it correctly or if I only remembered it the way you stated it.
    I can’t give an explanation to who, when, where, what,
    so, I’m VERY curious, too 🙂

    If I may give my own (modest) way of thinking about it:
    I think it is like you suggest, hudson!!!
    this would give allies a good possibility to recapture moscow.
    as would it give the axis a good possible swing when they capture Berlin…

  • OK, the rule is this…

    Using the example:  russia falling to Germany…

    UK and USA can NOT use the Caucuses IC if Russia has forces in Caucuses OR even if UK and/or USA have forces there.

    However, IF Germany takes Caucuses, and UK or USA liberates Caucuses, then the nation that liberated Caucuses from Germany DOES get to use the IC AND collect income from it… so long as Moscow is enemy controlled.

    Once Moscow is liberated, any and all Russian territory that was liberated from Germany by US and UK forces immediately reverts to Russia control… no more builds, no more income.

    The key points are that:
    The capital must be enemy controlled
    The territory (with or without IC) must be taken FROM the enemy in order for an ally to use it.

    So… if Russia falls, the UK can;t just walk in to Russian held Caucuses from Persia and take control… even if there are NO Russia forces in Caucuses.

  • sounds like switch and i are in agreement on this (it makes logical sense as well)

    i love being validated :mrgreen:

  • It also matches with the rules… extrapolting the blackletter rules for PAYMENT for an allied territory when the ally capital is enemy controlled… you control the territory and get paid for it, so the infrastructure there is YOURS as well until the capital of the ally that originally owned it is liberated.

  • :lol:
    I don’t know how you do it, ncsc, but again you managed to explain things so easily and structured!

    When I read your post, I immediately corrected my modest way of thinking and I am now a strong believer of your clarification of the rules!


  • Actually, we don’t need to extrapolate.  From the rules themselves, specifically page 18 (top of right hand column).

    If the original controller’s capital is in enemy hands when you liberate
    the territory, you collect income for the newly captured territory and
    can use any industrial complex there
    until the original controller’s
    capital is liberated.

  • Thanks James.

    I knew there was a reason that I never even thought it was an issue 🙂

  • yet still, I knew I read it somewhere, so I didn’t remember exactly where I read it…
    Since you guys were talking about it anyway, you refreshed my memory on the topic.
    So, thanx!

  • turns out I’ve been playing wrong all this time.  Sometimes those little details get past me even after having played for months now, and having a good grasp on the rules.

  • 2007 AAR League

    IN terms of putting an AC down in the baltic and being able to put fighters on it right after, am I allowed to take fighters that have already seen combat and put them on teh AC, as long as they are near the baltic?  For exapmle, if i take the fighters in France and Germany and attack the UK battleship and then land them back in Germany, and then put down the AC, can I still put those fighters on teh AC?  Because it would really suck to just put down the AC with no fighters and then ahve the UK come and blow them all to pieces.  Does everyone know what I mean?

  • wow, I never knew LHTR had this rule modified…
    anyway, I play the OM-way

  • Just some questions

    1. What is OM?
    2. Whar is LHRT?
    3. where do i find these different rules?
    4. which is mostly used?
    5. are any of these official rules from avalon hill?

    Daniel Malus

  • OM is “Operations Manual”, the printed rules that come with the Avalon Hill version of Axis and Alllies

    LHRT is Larry Harris (the developer of the Revised game) Tournament Rules.  Version 1.3 is in the works (clarifying multi-national naval forces rules) and you can find links to LHRT (the most common verson of the rules for use in online play) by searching these forums for either LHRT or Larry Harris

    Avalon Hill’s official rules are the OM as modfied by their online postings of manual erata (corrections of things like the OM saying that SBR damage is a roll of 1d6, or the PC value of the territory bombed, whichever is GREATER)

    Most folks use LHRT for online play, since those are the msot clear, have the fewest amiguities, and are widely accepted since they come from the game designer.

  • Thanks a lot!

    -Daniel Malus

  • That Lysdexia can be annoying at times 😛

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