CD-Rom Game Question

  • My CD is constantly being accessed in the computer version of A&A. I believe that is the norm, but to have your CD spinning for 3-4 hours straight is not a good thing. Well, once upon a time I thought I read something about copying some files from the CD to your hard drive so that it won’t do that anymore. Anyone know what I’m talking about? I tried copying all of the files from the CD to C:\Program Files\Hasboro\AxisandAllies, but it didn’t work. I also found two NoCD cracks on gamecopyworld, but neither of those worked either - they are both looking for an axis.exe. Any suggestions?

  • hey stranger ive been using that for quite some time. i wish i could but ive accepted the fact i hae to use the disk

  • In The Zone last night I saw someone with instructions on playing without a CD. It looked like you needed two programs - one that converted your CD into a file on your hard drive, and then another that run it as a ‘virtual CD’. I wrote the info down but don’t have it with me right now. I will try it tonight and let you know if it works.

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