• Can a tran move to a place (1 move) load 2 inf drop 1 -> move back and drop another?

  • 2007 AAR League

    No once a transport unloads any units it cannot do anything else.  And once a unit is unloaded it cannot move anywhere else too.

  • Correct, in both Revised and Classic, offloading ends a TRNs turn.

    However, in Classic, a TRN CAN offload to more than 1 territory from the same sea zone (this is only an option with a National Advantage to Japan in Revised).  But the dual offloading is FROM THE SAME SEA ZONE.  You can NEVER move a TRN once it has offloaded any units in either game.

  • But keep in mind that a transport can pick up troops from different zones for unloading at a common departure point.  Sometimes this is overlooked. 😉

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