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    This has just come in over the wire:

    For AA guns each side both axis and allies has cards 1-6.  Lets say you fly over three planes to attack with a enemy AA gun. The opposing player has these cards where he must play all six cards before getting a new hand of six additional cards, with each card representing the possible result of the die roll.

    So using our example: You have 3 enemy planes and the best use of the AA would be to play your three card which allows you take off one enemy plane.

    The next time he brings over planes you only now have 1,2,4,5,6… Using the Low Luck values you know that your only going to get a hit from the 6 card if he has 6 or more planes, so must likely you will be just taking a ZERO -no hit result with  most likely the 5 and 6 card, and at least hitting once with the 1 card. So what this does is effect decisions in the game, where you may burn a good card because the enemy keep only sends in 1 plane in each battle, but it also makes it impossible for any player to lose more than one plane every 6 rolls.

    It will lead to greater SBR attacks as the active player knows how many chances he has left to bomb you and still get away with it.

    Now the same thing can be used in normal combat (no dice are used), but this would require many cards to be sorted out. But i think it would be worth a try at least for AA guns because it sucks when you lose 2-3 planes by the damm dice.

    Also, you may consider using these cards for naval hits against air only

  • :roll:
    So, the card game “WAR” has come to A@A!
    I agree that it sucks to lose 2 or 3 vital and expensive planes to FlaK in one attack, but since my FlaK usually never hits at all, it kinda makes up for it when it happens to my opponent.  :lol:

    I was thinking that there was a set of 6 cards; 1 through 6, and for every enemy plane that flew over the gun you randomly drew a card, (for every set of up to 6 enemy planes that fly over). Then turn over the cards, if the 1 card is there, you got a hit!
    An example of an attack of more than 6 planes
      8 planes fly over/attack: the first 6 planes suffer an auto hit, because you would draw all 6 cards
        for the last two planes, shuffle the deck and draw two random cards, if the “1” card is drawn,  you got a second hit!
    What do you think?  😐

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