• Ok so I just picked up the game yesterday and was reading over the rulebook and I have a couple of questions.

    When do air units move back after an attack? I assume since they were used in the combat phase they cannot be moved during the non-combat phase.  But if you take the territory can the air units stay there.

    Also with air units can you move their entire move for the attack and the entire move for the retreat or do you have to split the move for attack and retreat?

    Also with subs when they “unsubmerge” they do not initiate combat? So it ends off being two different armies in a teritory?

    I am sure I will have more questions when I get to play but thanks in advance for the help.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Air Units move back after an attack during the Non-combat phase.

    The movement is split the 4 counts for both moving to and from so.

    Not sure about the subs question … someone else can help you with that.

  • @TyG17:

    Also with subs when they “unsubmerge” they do not initiate combat? So it ends off being two different armies in a teritory?

    they do not intiate combat unless they enemy force chosses no to leave on their turn. so if i attack a sub but it submerges then if the sub doesn’t leave on its turn it has to do battle. if the sub was attacking then if the defenders don’t leave on their turn they have to battle. preety sure you have to leave by the end of the ombat movement.

  • About landing planes:

    Air units have only their movement point allowance (Fighters 4, Bombers 6 ) to spend during the entire turn.  Planes do not have to land back in the exact territory (or Carrier) they came from.  When you move a plane into combat during the Combat Movement phase, you must remember (or use the included Flight Markers to indicate) how many points of its movement it used to get there.  Then, during the Noncombat Movement phase, any surviving planes must use the remainder or (or as much as they need of) their movement points to move to either a friendly Carrier (Fighters only - Bombers can never land on Carriers) or a friendly territory that your side has controlled since the beginning of your turn

    You must be able to prove that such a safe landing spot exists during the Combat Movement phase (or that such a spot will exist once you move any Aircraft Carriers into position during your Combat Movement or Noncombat Movement phases) in order for the plane to legally fight in the combat.

    For example, if I fly a fighter 3 spaces to fight in an enemy territory, I have only 1 movement point left for that plane to get to a legal landing spot.

    EDIT: I put Bombers movement as 8, fixed it to 6


  • 2007 AAR League

    Bombers can only move 6

  • whoops.  fixed, thanks

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