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  • Alright I just got Axis and Allies D-day and I am having trouble understanding the abilites of the aircraft. I already read the FAQ but it only further deepened my confusion. Here is what I have been doing: say I have all four fighters in one area and the germans have 5 units there, 3 infanty and 2 tanks. I role four dice for my fighters and get a 2,3,3, and 6 all misses I believe. Almost always I never even get one unit so I must be doing something wrong with them.

    When I read the FAQ it sounded as if someone has the same setup as I just described they would role 4 dice for each german unit totaling up to 20 dice? Is that the correct way of doing it? Thanks for any help.

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    Okay you can’t help the dice. Just because the dice don’t come up your way doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.

    I think though that you are doing it wrong.  🙂

    One of the order cards will tell you to select patrol zones for your planes. Now when German units move either from the re-inforcement chart to a zone with planes or from a zone on the board to a zone with planes each plane will roll one die per unit moving. You should move and roll one unit at a time because it is in a way targeted. Move a unit to a zone with a plane or planes roll one die for each plane and determine whether the unit is killed. Then move on to the next unit.

    Now if you have planes in a zone that a unit is leaving the unit will get shot at when it leaves. If the unit makes it thru that set of dice the unit will be shot at again if it enters a zone with planes. That is why aircraft only hit on 1’s and why you are limited to four planes (fighter planes) per zone.

    Your planes only get to shoot at units that are moving. The 3 infantry and 2 tanks in your example are only shot at by planes if they try to leave the zone.

    Hope that helps.  🙂

  • I think I understand, but I just want to make sure. So if I have 2 fighters in a zone and lets say 1 axis infantry, and 2 tanks that leave that zone for another I get to role 2 dice for each axis unit that leaves. In total that would give me 6 chances to get a hit correct?

    Is this the same for the bombers? I have just been going into a zone with like 4 enemy infantry and only role once which is usually a hit. Should I be rolling the dice 1 time for each enemy unit in that zone with a bomber just like the fighters? Thanks for all the help 🙂

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    In your first example you would get 2 dice on each unit. Not six dice to get one hit on one of the units. Each unit that moves gets shot at separately.

    You could get snake eyes on the INF and box cars for each of the ARM. Only 1 dead INF. Where that same set of dice rolled at once might make you think you got two hits.

    With bombers you choose which unit you are trying to hit. Bombing a zone with 1 INF, 1 ARM and 1 ART you would choose which unit you are trying to hit. Each bomber only gets one shot at one unit of your choice.

  • Alright, thanks for all the help Frimmel :-D.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    You are welcome. 🙂

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