POLL: Most important Builds in Turn 1 (AAR

  • I’ll agree with Jennifer. Having your bomber just sitting around is a waste so you might as well bomb. Even is bombing doesn’t get you much IPC on average, Russia is very happy that Germany is trading 1 for 1 with US or UK.

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    And still, if you have 7 bombers (US/UK) you should still be doing 21 IPC in damage a round.  (Assuming 1 is shot down, 3 get a ‘3’ result and 3 get a ‘4’ result.)  That’s 7 less infantry a round for Germany and if you take out Africa that’s 30 less a round to spend, or 10 less infantry a round for Germany.

    It’ll take a few rounds to get up to production, but it should take 3 rounds for Germany to finish taking Africa anyway.

  • I don’t know about buying 7 bombers. Due to loss caps the ally with 4 bombers will be losing money on the runs.

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    I can’t see how a bomber is rarely sitting down doing anything anyway,

    very useful in trading territories or you can bring it over to Moscow/cauc and hit Japan’s IC’s.

    but either then that you may do 2-10 IPC dmg per bomber in its life before its destroyed by an AA maybe.

    if you start buying bombers you must be sacrificing the troop builds themselves or sometihng. As Germany can hold the Allies off nicely for a while.

    in my experience I just think SBR runs are most common vs Moscow. you need the troops with UK for the meat grind vs Germany or for a build-up.

    this is coming from a game where she just bombed the living crap out of my germany income like 5-13dmg a turn and I still produced 10+ units including at least offensive piece.

    its even hard for the States to Bomb. they build one this turn, then fly it to UK next one, then the next turn they can finally start hitting for a few dmg.

  • If you are going to focus on SBR, then you may as well go all out…

    Have the US purchase 2 BOM per turn, and roll the rest tech if your game allows it.  Go for Heavy first to maximize damage, then for LRA so that new BOMs can strike immediately.  If you are not playing a tech game, then use the remaining income eitehr for a TRN/some land units to reinforce UK assaults from time to time, or save the extra cash and buy 5 BOM every 2 turns.

    With that, you can knock Germany down 16 IPC per turn (plus another 3 by UK until their original BOM is lost), and Japan for 3-9 depending on IC builds.  US will lose an average of 1 BOM per turn.

    From an economic perspective, that leaves UK and USSR facing a Germany with an income in the upper 20’s to low 30’s (equal to UK), and Japan building in the mid to upper 20’s or more, greater than Russia.

    And that sounds like a losing proposition to me folks…

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    Or, with 7 bombers from England/America you can be doing max 32 IPC damage to Germany dropping them from 44 to 12 vs Russia with 20+ a round, probably closer to 24-27 a round.  That’s 2:1 odds for Russia.  Once Russia crushes Europe you’ll have a Russia earning 62 IPCs vs Japan.

  • Except that you are forgetting that Japan will have around $40 IPC aimed at Russia also while the UK and US safely bomb Germany and rely on Russia to fight the ground war.  Which would work… except for those 14 divisions per turn coming at Moscow from the east…

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