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    I hear what you are saying, but if you delay your major thrust 1 turn it will do you more good then harm Like I said Withou Collonial garrison the allies have a hard time  getting troops or equipment there so there is no real need for all of the troops right away. After turn two, Japan builds nothing but men and tanks with a occasional fighter or ship. If you play with bids and are conerned for the lack of troops, give your whole bid to JPN, Germany’s got enough. the only perimiter you need to go for is the liberatin of china, and russia

  • I just don;t see a BOM as being worth losing 6 or 8 land units in the most forward position.

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    And while Japan is raiding those scattered islands with isolated TRN’s, the Americans SHOULD be picking those TRNs off.

    Japan can obtain 6 INF easilly from islands (Wake, Oki, Phil, EI).  The rest take more effort.  That is less than 1 turns worth of land units to fill the TRNs (Japan should have 3 or 4 after J1).  So Japan BETTER be building land units on J2, otherwise those TRNs have nothign to do on J3.

    you seriously dont know what you are talking about. Jav, Phi, Wak, Bor, Oki, Car and Ngu can be reached without intervension from the americans. There is 10 inf in the pacific and you can get 9 of those without problems. If the american player sails out of Z55 on turn 3 or 4 (on a KJF) then you use some of thsoe handy trn as cannon fodder. You cant go wrong.

  • Which still interupts your flow to Asia.

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    I take russia by turn 6-7. Can you take it earlier?

  • I may in my current game 🙂

  • 2007 AAR League

    well done then. Im talking about LL btw.

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    I’ve taken Russia on J4 and on G3 before.  But it’s ultra rare and usually against someone who decides to buy tanks on Russia 1 or even worse, I’ve seen a 2 fighter build on Russia 1 (classic.)

    But they have it right, in classic AND revised Japan is pretty immune to American aggression for a couple rounds at least, maybe even 3 rounds so clearing islands is easy.  The bad news, cleared islands are easily conquered. Which is why, normally, in a KJF situation I like to leave 1 US Infantry, 1 Armor, or 2 Infantry on conquered islands with value on them. (New Guinea, Philippines, Borneo, East Indies, Philippines, Okinawa, Hawaii.) That way if I loose the fleet somehow or Germany sneaks out they cannot liberate my islands.

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    well done then. Im talking about LL btw.

    What is LL? all the acronyms are confusing sometimes.

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    Low Luck

    Basically you add up all the attacker’s attack values and divide by 6 and that’s the number of hits you get (any remained rolled on one six sided die for a potential extra hit.) You do the same for the defender.

    For insantce, if you attacked 3 infantry with 3 fighters and 3 armor you would have the following:

    Attacker: 3 Armor, 3 Fighters combined attack value of 18.  18 divided by 6 is 3.  Attacker gets 3 hits automatically.
    Defender: 3 Infantry combined defensive value of 6.  6 divided by 6 is 1.  Defender gets 1 hit automatically.

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    thanks for that tid bit.

  • @ezto:

    well done then. Im talking about LL btw.

    This is ADS, but the dice are not the factor… 14 German ARM in Ukraine, and 7 German FIGs on the board (plus the 26 INF, 1 ART, and 6 ARM that Japan has in Asia) seem to be the key.


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    no arguing that.

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    How about this crazy J1 build:

    1 IC in FIC, 1 IC in East Indies?

    EI threatens Africa, the red sea and Persia all one TRN move away, and can fill 2 TRNs each round. With this build I think the Axis should be able to take Caucasus pretty quickly and also control Africa and the Mediterranean, and Australia.

    EI and FIC are also well placed to defend Japan’s high-IPC islands.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I think it might be too slow for taking Asia and too fast for taking Africa.

    Japan’s main problem is that it needs to build a large amount of infrastructure to support it’s troop movements. In your case, you would still need to build a bunch of TP’s. Exclusively building the infrastructure first and the troops later leaves the allies with too much time and money. Japan has to split it’s income to simultaneously build the infrastructure and the troops to keep up the pressure and also ensure an adequate income to expand which means, in my opinion, TP’s first, IC’s later.

    Japan will make more money because it will take Africa sooner but it will be at the expense of Germany. Germany needs some or all of the African income in the early rounds and Japan taking that money will leave Germany short.

    It might work if you just abandon Africa with Germany and go strictly Europe but I think it will only benefit the allies. Russia will be able to keep less troops in the east because Japan will be spreading themselves pretty thin early by going after Africa and a strong US push into Africa and the Med will leave Japan with too many territories to attack and defend with little chance of being able to concentrate it’s offensive units firepower.

  • 2007 AAR League

    In my two recent games however Russia has kept nothing in the East anyway. I guess you would still have to build more TRN anyway. Maybe the EI IC is a better build later on.

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