Possible Glitch - "Sub Vortex"

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    Gonna file the two glitches I found in two separate threads.

    First, the QoL changes and addition of ranked mode have breathed new life into this game for me. Thanks a ton for implementing both.

    Anyway, this glitch is something I call “Sub Vortex”. Allow me to explain:

    Scenario: USSR has a sub in SZ7 (English Channel). I Combat Move my German Sub into that SZ to attack. Both the Allies Player and myself have my Combat Profiles set to “Submerge Subs if no Destroyer Present”.

    • Battle Occurs, battle is canceled because Soviets submerge.
    • USSR Player’s turn, battle is canceled because Germans submerge.
    • Germany Player’s turn, I should have the opportunity to have my Submarine leave the hostile Sea Zone. This is where the possible glitch comes into play.

    For whatever reason, I cannot leave the SZ with the Soviet Submarine. I can click the sub and see SZ7 come up in “yellow”, but the surrounding SZs are not “blue” and I cannot click any of them to move away from the Soviets. As this is a ranked game, I do not know if my opponent is also experiencing this glitch, or if it’s only affecting me.

    Not a huge bug, but a bug nonetheless.

    Thanks for listening.

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