Change Defense Profile - Subs?

  • 2019

    Re: Rules Questions so far: Defending Submarines “About your last question: the change was made to accommodate asynchronous play. The developers might look at ways to address this based on the community feedback.”

    I’m attempting to edit the order of casualties for sea units. I see the Defense Profile for land/sea units and note that I cannot change the order. This is not a big problem for land units because I’m mostly OK taking bombers as the last casualty - although there are some times I would like to change that. The inability to submerge subs unless attacked by enemy units including a destroyer really cut way back on the usefulness of subs. A 1 defense point for subs really sucks as well. Is the ability to activate the submerge button on the radar?

  • If you access Settings, then go to the Account tab, you can create and edit new defense profiles and set a default for your account (this will automatically apply to newly created games of all types). To change the defense profile in a game, access the game settings (either from the in-game menu or by clicking the gear icon on the game card) and go to the Defense Profile tab. Changing this will affect the next combat.

  • 2019

    Thank you! I found it and was able to create a new Defense Profile that submerges subs!

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