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Attack Arrows

  • Well, i see the comunity use of “Risk: The game of conquest” aka “Risk revised - 2008”, cities as major industrial Complex, but i tink the arrows are useful for mark attack moves and non combat moves, instand of the back of roundels with a stiker. So we test the idea, and we tink work for us.
    Pros: more difficult to miss an unsolved battle
    The table looks more strategic
    Ideal for distance games, on youtube, video call or photos-watssap
    Con: More time spend in setup and remove, so more play time.

    Note: we add all A&A 1984 pieces. Use Classic paper ipcs for axis and anniversary for allies. Roundels are made for photo paper, cut and paste in special cardboard. IMG_20190203_131338.jpg

  • 2018 Customizer

    Not a bad idea. I’m always forgetting non-combat moves, so that would be a good way to remind myself during combat moves.

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