Ticket To Ride.

  • Has anyone played Ticket to ride? I like the idea of building an array of trains across the board, trying to get in others way, and ultimately getting the most points at the end of the game. I own the one with the USA map.

  • 2018 2017


    Of course! Who doesn’t like trains?

    This is a true, simple Eurogame. A small amount of screw your neighbor, some planning, and some luck (but not too much).

    I think this is a good game for 1) new players to your group 2) or to introduce gaming or Eurogaming 3) and/or for people who really like trains/geography

    However, its a pretty simplistic game and the only thing that shakes it up are the maps. I’d say the same thing about Funkenschlag (Power Grid), the game seems richer than it is, and the (wise) choices are fairly limited. This is a great game to play at the beginning of a session to warm up, or when time is short. It is a GREAT game for enjoying the feeling of “just playing and relaxing and gaming socially” without being heavy or though-intensive at all. But, it is not really of interest in the long term, as it lacks depth and rich choices.

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