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  • The Monroe Doctrine Exploit

    Greetings Gentlemen,

    I’m not going to write this one as a post. Have a look at the attached PDF file.


    ~ Jinx
    The Monroe Doctrine Exploit.pdf

  • I must say, this is a great and impressive analysis … :-D

  • @HMS:

    I must say, this is a great and impressive analysis … :-D

    Thank you sir,
    The word document format allows me to add pictures and tables and it looks pretty good.
    But it loses something for easy accessibility and debate.

  • '17

    Excellent job! This is bang on.

    We discovered the Monroe’s failings in an early game. Russia sent an invasion force in advance to South America waiting till 1939 to land it. Purely for additional income for a German invasion. It was so gamey and cheesy, we house ruled out the US war option, requiring US to be at full production first.

  • So I tried to address a similar problem with the Monroe Doctrine. My group and I still have not gotten Monroe reaction by US down to 100% because the rule designer clearly didn’t think or test this shit out enough. (not shocked based on responses).

    Non allies attack Americas: I’ve been told that the US doesn’t actually DoW by definitions of the words but take military action while at peace, think of it as a proxy war but both sides are directly involve like the Suez Crisis in real life. US may go down and engage and remove any hostile nations in the Americas and then they end up annexing the territories they took since they are active by rules and thus US was able to gain income while still being at peace.

    France or Commonwealth (or any other official Allies): I put in the house rule that they cannot attack the Americas because the game doesn’t allow nations inside Alliances to fight each other so unless Monroe is the only situation where US will fight French and Commonwealth troops, I tell my group they simply do not wish to piss off the US and thus cannot attack the Americas.

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