GW36: No Incentive to attack the Netherlands

  • In Global War 1936, does Germany have any incentive to attack the Netherlands? Sure it is worth 2 IPP, but as a result, the British gain control of the DEI and a lot of money as a result. If Germany does not attack the Netherlands, then the British will not get the 9 IPP (I think it is 9) that the DEI supply. Also, Japan could attack the forces of the Netherlands in the DEI and only incur 2D12s worth of income increase from the Americans instead of the 5D12s that would occur if Japan attacked the DEI if it was under control of the British. So I ask, should Germany even touch the Netherlands? What does everyone think?

  • In most games I have played Japan and Germany coordinate their strike on the Netherlands. Once Japan attacks it is silly to let England have the 2IPP from the European map.

  • I second Warwicks post. Coordination between Japan & Germany is the way forward.

  • So should Germany not attack the Netherlands when it attacks Poland, France, etc, in ~July 1939? I guess Germany could just ignore the Netherlands until Japan is ready, then both Germany and Japan could completely knock out the Netherlands. Thanks for the input.

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    I’d have to go back and look at the rulebook, but do the DEI income go to the UK, or do they go to FEC? That might make a difference.

    Germany wouldn’t be giving UK that money, it would essentially be Japan’s issue to deal with the DEI income in the Pacific.

  • When DEI aligns with the Allies, the Allied player can choose which nation gets the IPP - UK, FEC or ANZAC.

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    You need to go to HBGing site and ask these questions. This site doesn’t exist to them no more.

  • With the new Expansion for Netherlands I find that it helps clear up on when Germany needs to attack and take over the Netherlands since England no longer gets the money out of it and it is directly given to Netherlands to keep … this can also help you as Germany if you need to attack Netherlands sooner while yes Netherlands will get the IPC but its not being aided to GB/Calc/Anz but again it all depends on what you strat is and how you wanna go about it

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    OOOHHH so for each expansion set I buy, I get to finish a turn. YUMMY !

    Still waiting for 39 rules. Lets see here 1 expansion set every six months so 39 rules won’t be out until like maybe 2020 ???

  • SS,

    The 1939 rules will come out next week 8-)
    (according to their latest newsletter)

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    OK. Thanks

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