NYC 9/11 Represent

  • 2007 AAR League

    It was a tuesday. I was going to school in Brooklyn NY. It was my first year of highschool. I had to take a 15 minute subway ride to get to school. It was actually my first day on the subway. Previous days my father had the good will of driving me to school. That day I got lost on the subway and got to school at 8:30 AM. By my second period class my classmate noticed some smoke over the trees. Minutes later some lady comes into the classroom and quietly whispers something onto my teacher’s ear. Once the lady left, our teacher informed us that a plane crashed into one of the towers of the WTC. We spent the rest of the period talking about how in the 1940’s a similar accident had happened with the Empire State building. We went off to the next period class as usual. There we went on the computers and found out that a second plane crashed into the other tower. Panic started taking over the class as our teacher told us that it might have been a terrorist attack. By 4th period we were all watching the news on any available tv that the school had to offer. There were kids crying and teachers as well when we found out that both towers had fallen. By six period my mother came to pick me up. She walked 70 blocks to get to my school. There were no trains running and the busses and cabs were full. As we walked back to my house, we heard jet fighters zooming past our heads and people would duck in fear. I myself was scared since on tv they had said that there were 6 airplanes missing. When I was approaching my house, i noticed a thick layer of ashes on top of the cars. I collected some of it, that i still hold to this day. I also picked up a burning paper that came falling in front of me. Later on that day me and my family walked to the Brooklyn Promonade to see Manhattan. On the there, we saw people taht were coming from manhattan covered in dust. I will never forget that scene. Downtown Manhattan was one big dust cloud. The only thing you could see were the sirens of the official vehicles. “what a day”.
    A few days later my neighborhood was covered with faces. Papers everywhere with “have you seen…” “last day seen…” I knew people that died there. RIP

    MY OPINION: I, as a person that experienced the tragedy, do not wish to see another American city devastated as NYC was.


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