F_alk, tell us a little of your gov't/work benefits…

  • F_alk,

    I am interested in what the German government offers in benefits to citizens and requires of employers for employee benefits.

    Also what the company you work for(or are you self-employed) offers as benefits(types of insurance[% you pay], vacation, time off without pay, child day care, etc.)

    Just was interested in hearing from a citizen.

    Sorry, if it is too personal. Then skip it.

  • Skip it. Stats aren’t human.

  • @El:

    Skip it. Stats aren’t human.

    You can make up statistics to prove anything. 40% of all people know that.-Homer Simpson

  • Well, I can give you some human impressions. I studied Mathematics in Birmingham, Alabama for 10 month. Though the German unemployment rate is bigger than the American, the people are far better off in Germany than in America. There is less poverty, there are fewer homeless and the education is far better.
    There are more beggars on the street than here. There is much more crime in the cities. I spoke with lots of people in dept and living from paycheque to paycheque. The cars on the streets were old and damaged. The same is true for many houses I saw. The college is very expensive, but Math 101 is rediculous. An American Bachelor is maybe, just maybe, a little more than a Bavarian Abitur.

    Since I’m still at college, I don’t work yet and thus can’t give you personal information on that.

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