• HMS Victorious:

    On turn 6+, if US player has only 1 undamaged carrier in the Pacific, the HMS Victorious is made available for use by the US player for the turn.  The US can start the carrier in Hi. Is. or in W. US.  The carrier is removed from play after 3 turns.

    Monsun Gruppe:

    Donitz created a plan to tie down anti-submarine forces in the Pacific.  Monsun Gruppe (Monsoon Group), 3 type IXD U-boots, were sent to operate off the waters of Australia.  On start of any Japanese turn 6+ if Japan has 0 units in Australia, place 1 German submarine in any Japanese naval base off of sea zones 40+, or in sea zones 40, 58, or 59.  This unit can only operate in sea zones 40+ for 3 turns of play.

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