• I am always confused by submarine warfare. So here goes, specific scenario.

    A Russian sub and cruiser attack a German Cruiser and transport. The Germans were able to scramble 3 fighters is this specific sea zone.

    From what I understand if the sub misses I still get to defend even without a destroyer. Can I defend with the planes too?

    The battle finally got down to a Russian sub vs German transport and 3 fighters. Does he still have to roll to hit the transport? If he misses can planes defend?

  • The German planes cannot hit the Russian submarine. They would only be useful to help kill the cruiser.
    If both cruisers are lost and the battle just comes down to the German sub attacking a transport, then the planes are useless and the transport is killed automatically and the battle is over.
    He doesn’t have to roll a hit to get the transport.

    The rules make this automatic since there is no other way that the battle could end, as the planes can’t hit the sub and the sub can’t hit the planes, and the transport obviously is defenseless.
    So even if the transport wasn’t just killed automatically, the owner of the German sub would just have to keep rolling until he got a 2 or 1 and the transport gets killed anyway.

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    The Germans have no destroyer present, therefore the defending air units can not hit the sub, and of course the sub can never hit planes. Think of it in terms of the combined arms rule, air units can only hit subs if they are combined with at least 1 participating destroyer, the difference with this particular combined arms is that it works while attacking and defending. In the scenario that you described, the sub would destroy the remaining transport without rolling and the defending fighters can do nothing.

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