• I was playing this version for the first time today, and I’ve played revised and 84 dozens of times.  The person I was playing with today has played Global before.  He told me that you declare and resolve battles one at a time.  Is this different from other versions?  I’ve always thought you have to declare all combats at the same time, then resolve them one at a time.

    Can someone confirm I’m not crazy or confirm this is a rule change?

  • TripleA

    You do your combat movement. Once it is done, you resolve each battle one at a time, the attacker chooses which battle to resolve first.

    It is the same as revised.


    You cannot move to attack france on G1 then decide based on those results if you want to move and attack sz 110 then decide oh you want to attack sz 111 now… etc

    You move all your stuff at once. Then you pick which battle you want to roll out first. Once all battles are done you do your non combat movement

  • That’s what I thought.

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