• I am wondering if anyone use the same house-rule like my wich bans the tech roll. I personally really dislike them because if your opponent waste his money on them and doesn´t get anything you are sure to win and if he does get something he is most often sure to win because of the tech advantage. Thats just my experience, does anyone have another story?

  • I dunno, I like Tech Rolls. They add a source of enjoyment and gamble to the game. However, I did devise a system of progressive technologies.

  • Tech rolls aren’t unbalancing. They are a gamble, and like any gamble, can turn out for better or for worse.

  • Eeeehh, that’s OK if you guys prefer, but I personally think the Tech rolls add a different dimension to the whole game. I’ve noticed that there are some people who like to roll for tech, and others (myself included) who usually don’t, but overall it doesn’t unbalance the game all that much. I guess it all depends on what you want out of the game. If “pure” competition is what you’re looking for, then Tech rolls are probably a distraction. But if you are like me and are just looking for an interesting game, you can’t do better than Tech–nothing else allowed in the game can cause such radical changes!

    Also, I think Tech is pretty well balanced and not overly disruptive. Except for Heavy Bombers–which take a couple of turns to be effective usually anyways–none of the Technologies are particularly unbalancing to the game itself. Sometimes you get something useless. Sometimes (like in one game of ours where the USA player whose fleet was destroyed got Long Range Aircraft and subsequently dominated the Pacific) they are just what you need. To each their own…


  • ironically today, America poured over 90 IPCs into tech rolls, causing the Axis to win! I personally don’t like Tech rolls, though they were supposed to benefit the Allies anyway.

  • ironically today, America poured over 90 IPCs into tech rolls, causing the Axis to win! I personally don’t like Tech rolls, though they were supposed to benefit the Allies anyway.

  • Wow, how were you able to post two exact messages? As for tech. rolls, I usually suggest that you shouldn’t spend IPCs on techs if you playing against a Opponent of equal skill level. But if you still want to roll, then roll early.

  • I don’t find tech rolls that unbalancing!

    The problem is to teach a newbie that it’s a gamble, and often a bad one, if he got lucky the first times!

    A way that have worked for me, is in the situation where the first roll don’t succeed , and he progress for the second, I tell him, that for now on, I counter every tech roll he make, with tech rolls my self, and meanwhile just tell me who have an advantage on the board!

    This can be an eye opener to the fact that tech rolls is either a gamble or a luxery , and that your side in the game should be in a situation where a gamble or a luxery is apropirate before using them!


  • Tech rolls are a gamble sure, but they won’t lose the game unless people pour too much money into them, (like 90 IPCs). They add flavor to the game and, like was said earlier , another dimension.
    PS To get two exact messages, push submit twice, don’t do this on purpose

  • sorry about the double post!

    my buds and I usually play w/no tech rolls and russia restricted (and “neutral territory.”) we find the games the best this way.

  • FlyingWing, what do you mean by neutral territory? Is it some sort of special house rule.

  • yeah, the guys and I play with “neutral territory” rule. You can fly over a neutral territory, but you cannot buy or take one. (hey, for the sake of germany!)

  • well when I play, you can’t fly over neutral territories (like during the war Switzerland really enforced it’s no fly zone policy) and only the Axis are able to take over neutral countries.

  • Hmmm…never thought of it, but that actually makes a lot of sense. Hitler threatened to invade Spain if Francisco Franco didn’t sieze Gibraltar (which was eventually made moot when the Allies invaded Morocco before anything could be done). Japan of course had very little respect for neutrality. And Switzerland’s “neutrality”, was indeed strictly enforced–with German-built ME109 aircraft! This is an interesting “historical” house rule…

    Just my $0.02…


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