• Hey, I just started playing A&A (PC). I think I’ve figured out all the rules, except one thing…techs. I know what they are and how to get them, but I have no idea what each one does. I think heavy bombing gives bombers 3 dice, and rockets are an alternative SB method…but I have no idea what the others do…Could anyone please give me the full specifics on each tech? Thanks.

  • 1. Jet power…All planes now defend at a value of 5, bombers are still 1
    2. Rockets…One free attack per turn against IC. IC Must be within 3 spaces of an AA. Much like an strategic bombing raid
    3. Super Sub. Submarines now attack at a value of 3
    4. Long range Aircraft. Fighters now can move 6 spaces and Bombers move 8 spaces
    5.Industrial Technology. All unit costs are reduced by 1. Infantry cost 2, tanks cost 4, transports cost 7. etc….
    6. Heavy bombers. Each bomber gets to roll three dice when attacking.

    Heavy bombers rock 😄 😄

  • Jet power kind of sucks. i mean big deal, so your planes defend a little higher. You shouldn’t be in a position of needing to defend with them anyway.
    Rockets are nice. like the strategic bombing raid, but without risk of losing a bomber. Need AA’s tho’.
    Super subs also can suck. By the time you get them, you’re not playing a whole lot with them, and there are none on the board, and your money is better spent on other things anyway.
    Long range aircraft is pretty sweet. Nice for “SURPRISE” attacks and reprisals. Gives you more manuverability.
    Industrial tech rocks - esp if you’re buying up inf. The thing is, consider these things relatively. For example - inf now cost 2/3’s the price, armor 4/5’s, and fighters 11/12s. Makes sense to stock up on inf in this case . . .
    Heavy bombers, as the man says, rocks.

  • It’s all a gamble & you should really consider what you might get before you roll for tech. I have heard a lot of disparagement re: Jet Power & Super Subs, but there are situations where they are of great use. Consider Jet Power & the CV: 2 Jets on a CV is like a floating fortress & very intimidating to the enemy. As Germany consider the advantage of having 4 Jets & some INF defending Europe: this will certainly worry the Allies!

    Super Subs are arguably the weakest tech in the game, but if you get it early enough (& provided you aren’t USSR) you could put it to good use by combining the heavy attack power w/ the SUBs withdrawal/submerge capability to confound & harrass those pesky TR fleets. Its still a useful tech…

    Basically, don’t roll for tech when (DUH!) you can’t use what you get or can’t afford a few rolls. Example: even if USSR gets a tech, if its Super Subs, they look like fools…


  • I just finished a game where at the end Germany had just been conquered, but Japan was still strong with 55IPCs. Japan rolled fot tech with 11 dice rolls. Only one 6! Ended up with jet power. I could have protracted the game and maybe won with incredibly lucky rolls. But I conceded. Starting a new game would be more interesting. I have only played six games. This was the first time anyone tried tech. It’s a big gamble. It’s fun to try though.

  • In less you are in a do or die circumstance, example it is USA’s turn and the Axis are about to win economic victory, rolling for tech is a waste of money. Fun, but a waste.

  • I absolutely do not agree. Tech is a potential equalizer that can win the game for a beleaguered power. It’s just a gamble. If you’re willing to accept the risks (that is, the potential wasted money) for the chance to reverse a bad situation, it’s definitely worthwhile. I have seen a number of games where tech played an important role and was extremely valuable to the person that had it…


  • Sardo, if you look under the topic “curious” there is a relly persuasive post by Soon U Die concerning techs. Check it out.

  • Techs don’t usually help.

    You often get the wrong one for your country…
    Examples are rockets for Japan and subs for USSR!

    Heavy BMRs and production bonus are too big a compared to the others!

  • @Xi:

    Techs don’t usually help.

    You often get the wrong one for your country…
    Examples are rocets for Japan and subs for USSR!

    What’s so bad about Rockets for Japan? Move an AA to Manchuria & you can attack USSR. If UK has an IC in India you could hit it from there as well. Put one on Hawaii & you can attack the US. You are 1 turn away from your choice of any of these targets…

    Super Subs for USSR is pretty crapola, but what’s USSR rolling for tech for anyway?


  • USSR roll for tech is useful (but a risky way to spend your money on something else than infantry at the beginning) ONLY for Industrial Tech, think about it , Infantry at 2 I.P.C., the best defence VS Germs…

  • USSR roll for tech is useful (but a risky way to spend your money on something else than infantry at the beginning) ONLY for Industrial Tech, think about it , Infantry at 2 I.P.C., the best defence VS Germs…

    1 Ind Tech = 1 in 36 rows
    36 rows = 180 IPCs
    180 IPCs = 60 INFs
    60 INFs = Priceless!!! 😄

    -60 INFs = Dead Russia

  • My bad.
    The probability of getting a particular tech you want is a lot more complicated than 1/36 but you get the idea. 😄

  • @Ozone27:

    What’s so bad about Rockets for Japan?

    You’ve usually spent (2 dice) about 3 rolls (1 die each roll) worth of attacks when you could have built and moved 3 INF (or 2 ARM) to atttack multiple times[and destroyed 1 INF, [i]1 ARM or 1 FTR with each hit. There’s your flaw!

    I do not really like to use Tech…
    If I am winning I don’t need it (I usually win.)
    If I am losing it’s a desperate gambit that is often lost.

    In my book, I’d like to have HBMRs for only one BMR to limit that advantage. Plus, Industrial Tech would NOT apply to INF. I’m trying to talk my gamebuds into the IT rule (we play the Limited HBMR option.)

  • b_o_,
    I’ve watched many opponents roll between 3 (with little concern) and
    12 (stubborn) dice [usually one die @ a time, but as many as 3 each turn].
    Most of these dictators 🙂 dug their own graves, loaded their own guns,
    and blew their own brains out.
    Reasonable purchases would have been a better choice and lousy rolls on
    my (it happens) or my partner’s part would have changed the game.


    60 INFs = Dead Russia

    Don’t you mean “Dead Germany” for the example you’ve discussed?
    Though 60 INF (@ 2 IPCs each) v any opponent spells DEATH!

  • -60 INFs = Dead Russia

    I meant if Russia is foolish enough to go for Ind Tech, it means 60 less Russian INFs (minus in front of 60), which spells one dead Russia. 😉

  • Sorry for the attempt at humour. :oops:

  • i thought that joke was funny! :lol:

  • Thanks harry. I needed that. 😄

  • What joke?

    36 rows?

    I thought you were originally from Massachusetts
    and spelled the way you pronounced “rolls.” :roll: 😉

  • Yes, rolls. :oops:

    And it should take on average less than 36 rolls to get a particular tech you want as my Excel program (working progress) will demonstrate. Still is a big chunck of IPCs that should be spent on INFs.

  • Oh-kay!
    36 rows it is.

    Techs OUT!

    Strategy IN!
    That’s planning and execution for anyone from West Palm Beach, FL! 😛

  • Well, you should give it a guess once… but not in the opening, exept from USA where your money is a hell lot easier to get than Russia… poor Russia… squeezed up between Germany & Japan…

    But fun to play sometimes against newbies! They think that Japan target is USA… they will learn one day!

  • But until then, b_o_,


  • A little math lesson (sorry Xi 😉 ).

    Starting with owning no techs, on average, it takes 21 rolls of dice to get the particular tech you want (eg heavy bomber). Here is how:

    First the easy part. On average it takes 6 rolls to get a six (let’s call this a tech chance). Now on each tech chance you roll to see what tech you’re getting, so the probability of getting heavy bomber on the first tech chance (let’s call it P(1)) is 1/6. But the probability of not getting it is 5/6 but you get another tech (super sub?). So on the second tech chance you will get heavy bomber 1/5 of the time, given that you miss on the first tech chance. So the probability of getting heavy bomber on the second tech chance (and missing on the first tech chance) is P(2)=(5/6)(1/5)=1/6. Similarly the probability of getting heavy bomber on the third, forth, fifth and sixth tech chance (and missing on the previous tech chances) are:
    So it turns out that you are as likely to get heavy bomber on your first tech chance as the sixth (and last) tech chance, similar to rolling a dice where you are equally likely to get any of the number 1 to 6. Therefore the average number of tech chances you need to get heavy bomber (or any one particular tech you want) is 3.5, much like the average number of IPC damage done on a SBR is 3.5. Now it takes an average of 6 rolls to get one tech chance so that 3.5 tech chance equals 21 rolls. Remember we are talking about averages here.

    Phew! Now raise your hand if you know the averge number of dice roll to get heavy bomber starting with axis ad, or if you know what the heck I’m talking about. :roll:

    This is first year university probability math. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it. Just take my word for it. If there’re enough demand, I’ll post the solution to axis ad. 😄

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