• I made up this like a year ago i this house rule gets better better each time i play it.

    The house rule is simple:all the conutries in each 5 rounds (there is no purshae phase, no combat, and no non-combat. well duh there is collect money phase) simply just waste all your money on tech rolling.

    I love this house rule becasue My cousin and i played one time, he was in very big trouble. when round 6 came (we were doing it each 6 rounds) he got heavy bombers for UK. He had 5 useless bomber in England, now turned in heavy bombers. (germany got nothing from tech rolling that round)

    With this rule the table can turn very quickly!!! Tell me if this rule is good or need changing!!!

    (NOTE: YOu can put each 4 round or 8 or whatever)

  • I think it would make the game to random.

  • random? :-?

  • destroys your hard thought strats by giving your oponent a sudden advantage

  • it could also give you and your allies/axis friend i much need help. It gives also i a new stratygie when he need it most. Otherword it helps and it might save you from destruction. Like i said before my cousin won b/c of the 5 heavy bombers! (of cousre we are both n00bs :D)
    Beside you can still do your stratige! No combat happen when the counrties tech roll.

  • it can save or if the person that is winning gets it…

  • it sounds like a fun variant, but i can see where Geze is coming from. Although i hate losing, i would feel bad beating a player with a superior position because of a 1 in 36 shot (or 5 in 36, or whatever). The point is, although it may even out the field a little bit, and it might be fun at times, it does nothing to separate out the winners from the losers (he says at the same instant that Zero is kicking his ass).

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