• I have 2 questions
    how does aa gun ownership work if:
    I move an aa gun to a russian owned finland on usa’s turn. can russia move the gun on ncm, or is the gun owned by usa. or can any ally move their ally
    s gun, only once per round.
    If I capture an aa gun in german held karelia with uk, would the aa gun become russian?

    second deals with carriers
    if I move a fighter and a carrier and some other stuff into combat, and the fighter needs the carrier to land on, is it legal to kill the carrier first in battle? I know both the carrier and fighter will be used for fodder (I’m killing the other player’s really good stuff or something) but without the carrier, the fighter is doomed which is illegal to “plan” or something.

  • About AAA, you retain control over your gun even while moving it through an ally’s territory. To signify that it’s yours most people place their control marker under the gun for as long as it’s inside allied territory. Your ally would have no control over it. If you liberate an ally’s territory that contains an AA gun, your ally would gain control of it, just like they would gain control of an IC in the territory.

    As for the carrier question, this situation is one which the rulebook would call a risky movement. It is perfectly legal to let the Carrier get blown away before the fighter becuase there was a possiblity of the fighter landing at the begining of the battle. If none of your units had been hit, your fighter could land on the carrier, therefore making the move legal.

  • no say i kill the carrier the first round, and the fighter the second, at the beginning of the second round, it dooms the fighter. If the fighter is not hit, it will die. so the second round combat units would be illegal in the first round

  • Moderator

    That is legal, you can lose the AC in rd 1 and the ftr in rd 2 or rd 3 or whenever, but you will of course lose the ftr eventually.
    It is not illegal because the ftr did have a potential landing spot at the beginning to the battle like bossk suggested.
    An example would be Pearl in rd 1, and bring the ftr from the Phil Is. You could (theoretically) lose the AC first, the risk is if you lose the AC and your ftr wins during the 2nd rd you lose the ftr too.

    I could only see this maybe happening with an AC and ftr vs. a Battleship and even then you’re throwing away 30 IPC for 24 IPC. (assuming you miss in rd 1 - otherwise you could just lose the cheaper ftr)

  • Agree with bossk

  • bo_ is correct on both points.

    DM, however, explained the “Lose the ac first/ftr second v lose the ftr first/ac second” controversy more clearly.

  • ok thanks for this info, these were a few rules i wasn’t sure about. The carrier thing came up when i was attacking in pacific:
    2 fighters, carrier, battleship 2 destroyers
    with 3 fighters (1 could land on land) 1 carrier 1 battleship as the uk
    I basically wanted to blow as much of the imperial navy out of the water as i could even if it cost me more. The usa destroyed the rest of the navy. I actually won with the battleship remaining, but I was lucky. I did kill the carrier first and wanted to make sure it was legal. Thanks for the quick replies.
    Also, aa guns fire no matter who’s territory they are on right? because the cd confuses me there.

  • Yes, AA guns fire at enemy aircraft flying to or through the territory. It’s as if they were manned by the builder or captor.

  • its perfectly legal to kill the carrier, the good book states that if your carrier should die, you have an opportunity to land your fighter in the same sea zone, be that on another friendly carrier or on land. personally, i’d kill the carrier first and keep fighting with the more powerful fighter, better chance of killing more units

  • In 2nd edition rules – a surviving fighter in this scenario can only land if an island (completely surrounded by water) exists in that SZ.

    In 3rd edition rules – when an aircraft carrier is sunk. The surviving aircraft on it can attempt to locate and land on a friendly island, territory, or aircraft carrier. These aircraft have one movement point to do so.

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