• We never play with tech cos it has always seemed too expensive and risky so we thought up some new ones, including nuclear power. You have to buy two dice which can be expensive, but if you get a double of any number you get nuclear power. Basically, you roll a 4 or less at any given enemy territory and it wipes out the forces, including factories. I thought it might be a bit extreme but it worked ok. People are still reluctant to spend the cash on the die though and I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to rule changing. Any ideas?

  • It seems a bit too powerful. You might be able to balance it by making it so that there’s a chance that certain untis will die. You simply roll the dice for each unit to see if it is destroyed.

  • I would also consider how you can deliver the nuclear device. I assume that you play such that you have to be able to reach the territory with bombers (and if they are shot down by AA, no nukes hit enemy :cry: ).

    And how about combining it with rockets, using the rocket for delivery? 8)

    Or how about this, landing it into a country (like West Europe) by sacrificing a transport or tank? Just a thought

  • maybe you should also require rocket power??
    not a good idea from a game standpoint, but it would make more sense historically.

  • how about requiring heavy bombers to deliver the bombs with them

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