Sarnia war room game two.

  • Well guys September is halfway done and our second game is over. It was a fun game to play as there was just two of us. It ended with a second allies win, curious? Lol
    Sorry for the short last video room was tied up on my phone so it was hard to do. Let me know how the game went and if you think the axis really lost as I am not sure. My brother just thought it was all over even though Italy got Rome back and Germany had lots out west by France. Thanks for the views and comments as they prompt me to make more videos for the channel. Any suggestions on videos to do for the channel let me know and I will see what I can do.


  • What was the axis plan? They seemed to move really slow

    Germany’s plan? Was it Sea Lion originally (take London). Lots of German ships, but no real action. Didn’t push towards Moscow.

    Japan seemed to be dragging their feet. China should never get Burma Road early in the game, and very little pressure on India. Learn to use the air force to destroy China. Don’t need to take it all, but should move inland.

    Italy needs to obviously defend better, and learn how to block out. They should have been able to block out the US for another turn with a destroyer or something.

  • Yup my brother is very new to the game and is slower on understanding that you need to be aggressive. After the game I pointed out all three of those to him. As for a plan, not sure he had one really. I think he was just playing reaction game style. No real looking ahead or it didn’t seem like it. Japan was doing ok minus the Burma road then lack of force and too much sitting around sealed the fate of his fleet. That and he sit it up to the point that it just got picked off one group at a time. Thank for the info though all good points.

  • Thank you for sharing!

  • Yep G40 has a big learning curve

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