• I am playing a play by forum game of A&A G40 but I am having some problems. When I am done with my turn and I click on the button to post the turn summary to the forums here it says “Summary Text: Incorrect Password”. And when I try to do a test post it says “Incorrect Password”. I have been manually attaching the file to posts in the forum since it will not post through TripleA, but the last time I tried to do it it said that the file was too large. What am I doing wrong?

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    Sounds like you aren’t putting in the correct password for your A&A forums account.

    If it’s working right, then you should be able to click “test post” prior to your turn and a test post will come up in the appropriate forum thread.

    Doublecheck that you have play-by-forum turned on, that you have the right password and account name, and that you have the correct game id in the pbf section.

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