• This may be an easy question to answer but I found the rulebook a little vague.

    With respect to strategic bombing raids, if an attacker uses only his bomber(s) to conduct strategic bombing with NO fighter escorts, can the defender still use his own fighters for defence along, of course, with the AA???

    This would make a huge difference - it’s seems to be always so easy to mis-interpret the rules. BTW: I searched the board and couldn’t find a satisfactory answer….

    Much obliged!

  • Moderator

    no this combat is purely between AA guns and Bombers…

  • Customizer


    That can’t be right. Your fighters can defend against only bombers, otherwise that makes absolutely no sense.

    You can use your fighters to defend in a SBR (but not also in a regular land combat in that territory), no matter if bombers have escort fighters or not.

  • im pretty sure that fighters can defend against any planes during a SBR, bombers being escorted or not. as Mantlefan says, otherwise that would make no sense.

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