• I’ve been toying around with customizing the new AAE & AAP 2nd Edition (Global) maps into one that has a more accurate map projection along with an enlarged Europe and holding boxes for countries like UK and maybe Germany and Japan… Does anyone know of a clean political vector map from 1939 or maybe a year or two pre-war?  I’ve scoured the internets looking and just have not found anything suitable.

    I’ve seen the digital copy of the new global maps out there but with all the textures on it it would be difficult to modify.  Has anyone done any map creating with Illustrator and or Photoshop?  Any advice?



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    With the complexity of modifications you’re attempting, you might want to illustrate a map by hand and then scan it. Once you have the territory proportions edited on paper and scanned, you can than modify and touchup in the design programs you mentioned. Your task seems very ambitious and I hope to see your final version some day, in the mean time… Imperious Leader may have some advise as he is the most experienced map maker of us all.

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